designer outdoor furniture in Bistro style from Beaufurn

Outdoor Furniture Solutions for 2021 That Everyone Will Love

This new year promises innovative outdoor furniture design in an assortment of chairs, barstools, tables, and umbrellas that bring warmth, joy, versatility, sustainability, and overall optimism. Are you ready to move forward? Beaufurn is too!

We’ve listed a few noteworthy trends to look forward to this year. While designer outdoor furniture needs to be weather-resistant, it also needs to welcome guests to visit, stay, relax, and enjoy. These are the outdoor furniture solutions everyone will love.

Color & Joy

We’ve already mentioned the importance of color messaging in 2021 design trends, reflected in the Pantone Colors of the Year. Our colorful stacking chairs, such as the polypropylene Angel or the French Bistro Chair in heavy-duty nylon (or Rilsan for seaside venues) are ready to enhance resorts and restaurants with bright, comfortable – yet resilient – furniture solutions.

adele chairs and claire tables for colorful outdoor seating
Adele Chairs and Claire Tables

While yellow will be a popular color choice, other warm hues will make a space feel welcoming. Earthy taupe, retro mint green, and rich burgundy help luxury outdoor furniture stand out and reveal uplifting spaces for respite, entertainment, or other outdoor enjoyment.

Want to invite more guests to your outdoor space? Create a more welcoming environment with the comforting fire of a hearth where the night brings a chill to the air. Fire pits are alluring and soothing to the spirit, even when not in use!

Indoor or Outdoor

Beautiful luxury outdoor furniture can be integrated into both indoor and outdoor spaces. Designers who can create even the perception of being outdoors can help guests transition from the restrictive challenges of last year’s indoor spaces and into this year’s unhindered, calm environments.

While Beaufurn’s outdoor furniture is made durable with weather-resistant materials like 12-gauge aluminum, galvanized steel, and commercial-grade poly, the aesthetic is suitable for pleasing enclosed spaces. The Breeze Collection is perfect for all weather conditions, easily cleaned, and suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Breeze outdoor furniture by Beaufurn
The Breeze Collection

The Monterey indoor/outdoor table is a popular choice for restaurants, universities, parks, and offices. Its stainless-steel base is available in various powder coating finishes. Multiple Urban Tops are made with durable, easily cleaned thermosetting resin yet appear in natural-looking finishes like wood and marble.

monterey indoor and outdoor table
Monterey Table

Decorative hardscaping can enhance these indoor/outdoor havens and we expect it will play a prominent role in luxury 2021 outdoor design.

Mediterranean Flair

The simple, romantic aesthetics of the Mediterranean are reflected in Beaufurn’s designer outdoor furniture lines, exemplified by our Malibu line of chairs and tabletops and in the French Bistro furniture collection.

The all-weather Malibu tabletops and chairs are made of PVC that looks like natural teak (without the maintenance of using wood outdoors).

Simple, sleek frames are powder-coated to withstand the elements and help you create outdoor seating areas that are contemporary and inviting.

Echo the views of outdoor cafes found along Parisian shorelines with French Bistro chairs, barstools, and tables built for weather-resistance, with sturdy frames of natural, steam-bent Malacca or Manau cane ideal for outdoor use.

Unique Yet Timeless

This year’s popular design furniture solutions will spotlight luxury lounge and patio furniture that’s distinctive and modern, yet timelessly stylish.

See how the Miami Outdoor Lounge Collection combines classic Italian design with modular seating options to gather in configurations for intimate settings, or to separate for spacious, private relaxation:

Miami Outdoor Lounge Collection for modern outdoor spaces
Miami Outdoor Lounge Collection

Boost the mood of guests with outdoor bar venues in contemporary French Bistro Barstools made in weave materials resistant to mold and harsh UV fading; or metal frame barstools in refreshing colors yet protected as techno polymers.

Invite guests to fun, inviting environments with the Queue Outdoor Collection, especially our Queue Mega Bench. With all-foam construction and cleanable acrylic fabrics, it’s a fun outdoor furniture solution to encourage gatherings.

large bench for outdoor seating with additional French Bistro chairs
French Bistro Chairs and Queue Outdoor Mega Bench

New Outdoor Furniture Solutions

We’re excited about helping designers create outdoor spaces that welcome guests to relax, entertain, gather, and unite. We encourage you to explore all our new furniture products and find inspiration for outdoor commercial furnishings that meet the needs of many industries. Our sales representatives are ready to assist!