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Design Solutions for Climate Change | Beaufurn

Increasingly, architects and designers worldwide are dedicated to finding solutions to climate change as it applies to their work. Building plans are reaching beyond the goal of just being serviceable structures.

While the American Institute of Architects (AIA) has supported the Architecture 2030 Challenge toward more energy-efficiency and revamped building codes, changes are also being made to how the design community approaches building interiors.

So what are design solutions for climate change? Designers and furniture manufacturers can make a promise of environmental responsibility. They can fulfill this by incorporating sustainable practices company-wide and utilizing eco-friendly materials.

Beaufurn strives to be first in mind for architects and designers seeking green building furnishings.

How Is Beaufurn Committed To Environmental Responsibility?

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Reduce Emissions: Beaufurn has increased its domestic manufacturing output by 30% over the last 2 years. Made in the USA means a lot. Every dollar invested in U.S. manufacturing generates more than $1.8 million in economic activity. Buying USA-made products supports the businesses that create jobs and boost the economy in local communities.  And there are positive impacts of this design solution for climate change as well.

Beaufurn proudly manufactures many of its innovative commercial furniture in Advance, N.C., near Interstate-40. This reduces the cost of moving goods to their markets and reduces emissions. Each year, we add more products to the line to increase our manufacturing capabilities.

Sustainable Materials: It’s imperative that manufacturers of interior products strive to eliminate issues pertaining to climate change and environmental concerns.

Our philosophy is that eco-friendliness leads to better design. There is no need to sacrifice beautiful aesthetics in our pursuit to find solutions to climate change. On the contrary, finding solutions to climate change can result in increasingly innovative design.

We use woods that are FSC certified, sourced from responsibly managed forests. Upholstery selections include biodegradable synthetic leather, recycled fabric, or 100 percent natural and renewable cork. Water-based lacquers enable the natural beauty of wood to shine yet they provide a protective finish to withstand multiple cleanings.

Using water-based glues to avoid VOC emissions, Beaufurn furniture is made with adhesives that are Green-guard certified. These glues mitigate off-gassing and comply with green building codes and specifications.

Our chairs, tables, and lounge collections enhance the atmosphere of any gathering place, be it a space for hospitality, health care, contract, or government use.

Life-Cycle | Durable Furniture: Beaufurn has always been committed to producing sustainable designs. We use various hardwoods for our wood seating components, assembling them with Mortise & Tenon jointing along with environmentally friendly commercial grade glue that ensures durability and longevity.

Decades of experience go into each piece. We’ve prided ourselves in being a reliable source for affordable furniture, whether in-line products or custom.  High-quality furniture that holds up to the test of time means less waste in our landfills.

Green Building Strategies

With each year, the design world will discover and implement new solutions for climate change. There already have been great strides accomplished regarding environmental practices. Learn more about Beafurn’s environmental practices and why we’ve always believed Earth Day is every day.

Climate-conscious designers will find our product lines the perfect solution for their sustainable approach to design. Contact us today to learn more.