retro look with laminate tabletops

Best Commercial Grade Tables for Indoor and Outdoor Use

As people resume business and leisure travel, designers for the hospitality and healthcare industries will need to focus on creating open space layouts that welcome small gatherings yet convey “control” and safety. Consumers need to feel safe while they adjust to “new” social gathering norms post-pandemic.

Tabletops that offer function and style are the key to creating these adaptive spaces that encourage gatherings yet accommodate new expectations around physical distancing, cleanliness, and safety.

Beaufurn is a top furniture manufacturer known for the popular Urban Table Top, as well as other custom-designed indoor and outdoor tables that are perfect for hotels, lounges, healthcare settings, restaurants, and more.

With surfaces ranging from wood to granite, laminate, metal, and marble, our combined tabletops and table bases help furnish spaces in numerous industries worldwide.

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Popular Urban Table Tops in Resin

outdoor resin tabletops

Beaufurn’s Urban Table Tops are used in numerous restaurants and lounge areas, for indoor and outdoor use. Urban Table Tops are made of thermoset resins suitable for indoor use or covered outdoor use. They’re resistant to scratches, abrasions, UV rays, and heat. These popular tabletops can be customized to feature your logo, artwork, or illustrations.

Laminate Table Tops Offer Designers Versatility

retro look with laminate tabletops

Laminate tables are a great solution when you’re hoping to create an atmosphere that combines style with practicality. Because laminate can mimic natural materials, such as wood and granite, yet provide a nonporous surface, their versatility is often preferred for café, restaurant, bistro, lounge, hotel, club, college, assisted living, and other high-use applications. Laminate tabletops are an especially great alternative to natural wood as the price of lumber has more than doubled recently due to the global pandemic.

Laminate tables:

Our laminate tabletops are perfect for restaurants, pubs, bars, and bistros, and are made to your specifications.

Granite & Marble Tabletops for Biophilic Design

Granite and marble tabletops add classic elegance to restaurants. They can provide an upscale vibe to a favorite neighborhood coffee shop. Although granite and marble are porous surfaces, they can be easily cleaned.

Moreover, these natural materials suit the trending preference for biophilic design, connecting occupants to natural environments to increase the aesthetic appeal of a space. (Re-connecting with nature surged during the pandemic lockdown, only increasing the importance of incorporating natural and nature-inspired elements into your design.)

Beaufurn uses marble and granite from an Italian quarry.

Designing for All Weather

A recent study revealed that adding a patio to a restaurant can greatly increase its revenue. The concept has not gone unnoticed. With so many restaurants having to create outdoor expansions in haste to increase capacity, designers have the chance to improve upon these new spaces. 

Tabletops that keep occupants at arm’s length enable intimate conversations and can transform open spaces into inviting places to gather and regroup. Surfaces should be made with antimicrobial materials that are easily kept clean.

We’ve listed a few noteworthy trends in all-weather furniture here.

Choose Customized Tabletops

Looking for something special in table options. We offer you the ability to mix and match table top to table base. Choose from our wide selection of table bases and unique tabletops to create a custom one-of-a-kind table for your next project. Contact Beaufurn about your tabletop design needs and let’s get a conversation started.