an arrangement of ideal commercial furniture

Form & Function: Selecting the Ideal Commercial Furniture for Your Themed Area


Furniture is essential for every business— whether tastefully adorning small lounges or compact waiting rooms, or filling huge restaurants or corporate meeting spaces. So when it comes to furnishing commercial spaces it’s easy for a business owner to feel overwhelmed. It’s important to select the ideal commercial furniture to set the proper tone and create a useful and inviting environment for customers, one that serves your brand and reflects the specific theme of the area being created.

There are many styles available, but first and foremost the business owner or designer must anticipate and accommodate the potential needs of the guests and visitors who will ultimately use the designed space.

The end goal is to create a cohesive look by choosing furniture that is both stylish and functional. When selecting pieces for any commercial area, always keep in mind the type of traffic it will host and how much space is available. Form must follow function. The perfect combination of furniture will create an elegant atmosphere without surrendering the comfort of the users.

Supporting the Concept

Just as the use and design concept of the area will drive the choice of area furniture, the opposite is also true: the style of furniture chosen will be integral to the look and feel of the area, highlighting and accenting it. Different concepts demand different elements. It’s also important to consider cost and availability before making irrevocable decisions regarding how your space must look. If your concept requires specific irreplaceable features to meet the expectations of potential users, one should ensure the availability of those features before committing to the final design.

Casual or Fancy

One can also mix and match styles as needed: to create the perfect ambiance in multi-use spaces, the solution might be to provide a variety of furniture styles for the use of your guests. You can even combine thematically varied elements and disparate themes, through color matching and patterning, to create a blended medley of styles that meets your aesthetic vision while better serving the type of combined-use space being provided.

Functionality Over All

The functionality and purpose of commercial furniture are equally important to its appearance. Beautiful designs should be combined with practicality, as well— if you cannot sit properly or are uncomfortable in the beautiful chair, then perhaps a different option would work better. Sightlines, ease of access, and availability of surrounding space are all important considerations. A huge table that takes up too much room may become an obstruction rather than helping keep things organized— think about where each piece will go before installation!

Fortunately, there are many options to help alleviate space limitations when it comes time for your new restaurant furniture. In a limited space one might utilize combination table and bench units, modular seating, or other suitable items with a smaller footprint that take up less floor area while still providing great seating options.

Think function first; you can choose design elements based on their appearance (this might sound obvious) but keep in mind that there are many innovative ways to design for a limited space without sacrificing your vision.

Indoor or Outdoor?

Whether that space is indoors or outdoors, the intended use of the area must determine the furniture that best suits your needs. For example, in a casual restaurant setting, French bistro seating paired with round tables might be ideal; whereas a bar or lounge setting might require a more vertical design using high top seating, barstools, and smaller round-top tables. Heavily sunlit outdoor areas will require shade.

Maintenance and Care

When purchasing the ideal commercial furniture, durability should be at the top of your list. The best commercial furniture is tougher, lasts longer, and requires less maintenance than flimsier stuff. It holds up well in harsh conditions and resists long-term exposure to direct sunlight or moisture. Durability will be a factor when outfitting outdoor areas exposed to the elements, and the long-term durability of bar furniture is absolutely essential in withstanding heavy usage and spills.

When furnishing any commercial space, it is important to remember that you are not only creating an environment in which people will work or conduct business, but also one in which they will feel comfortable and at ease. Achieving this goal requires dedication to the style and atmosphere you are trying to create, as well as a focus on fulfilling the specific needs of your target users. If your ability to pick the ideal commercial furniture can manage to do all of this, you are sure to score a hit with those users and see an increase in traffic and sales.

For help bringing your vision for commercial furnishings to life, don’t hesitate to contact us. We carry a superior line of beautiful, stylish, and functional commercial furniture perfect for any business or casual setting.