Senior living by beaufurn lobby set

Lounge and Lobby Design for Senior Living Communities

Designing common spaces for senior living installations, like an elevator area, lobby, or entryway, requires the same consideration, creativity, and research that living areas require. These common spaces must function as welcoming and comforting spaces for residents and accommodate varied physical and cognitive abilities.

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Lounge and lobby design for senior living or an assisted-care apartment building may be restricted by space as you’ll need to leave ample room for mobility challenges such as ambulation assistive walkers. You’ll also want to choose furnishings that aid in helping to orient residents to their floors.  (Read Senior Living Furniture That’s Comfortable, Contemporary, and Innovative to learn now furniture colors and patterns can offer logistic clues.)

Senior Living by Beaufurn is a line of furnishings for today’s modern senior and employs functional, yet timeless design. The following lobby design ideas, although focused on senior living, are contemporary styles for use in any common area in any industry.

removeable cushions, senior living chair
Braxton Chair

Commercial Furnishings for Safety & Ease of Cleaning

Senior Living by Beaufurn’s lounge furniture includes stylish, support chairs with seats properly proportioned for comfort.  Moreover, our chairs and sofas are available with bleachable antimicrobial fabrics and water-based wood finishes that can withstand repeated cleaning. Easily removable cushions aid in the cleaning process.

Many options that cater to senior living are available, such as adjustable and removable seats, casters, front wheels, handles, and more.

Flexibility and Comfort

While our senior living furnishings are proportioned for comfort, with ample arm support and wide seating, some models are also stackable for easy storage.

The stackable Gina arm chair features extended arms for added support and mobility. It’s preferable to choose commercial furnishing that offers comfort and can be easily maneuvered to suit any changing needs of the residents and staff.

Provide Comprehensive Orientation

Avoid uniform accessorizing and painting on each floor’s elevator and lounge area as this can hinder orientation for residents.

Abie Louie Sofa in two different fabric choices
Abie Louie Sofa

When you assign a particular furniture style and fabric to each floor, you create indications that help senior residents better orient themselves inside the building.

For instance, your elevator lobby design on the building’s first floor may feature the Amelia Console as your case good while the second floor may feature the Eleanor Chest, each in a similarly warm cream color yet uniquely styled so that they are distinctive to their assigned building level.

Likewise, fabric patterns can offer orientation cues. The Abie Louie9S Sofa is shown here in two different fabric choices.

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