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What Is Senior Living Design?

Designers today realize that senior living design entails much more than a focus on safety. Senior living design, or universal design for senior living, creates an inviting, comfortable environment that makes it easy for people of any age or ability to live independently to the best of their ability. It promotes aging in place while elevating aesthetic appeal.

Senior Living by Beaufurn creates a sense of home in a new environment with unique and compelling senior living product offerings for common areas, dining rooms, and outdoor spaces.  We are looking forward to sharing these furnishings at the Environments of Aging Conference & Expo April 2-5, 2022, in the Wisconsin Center, Milwaukee, WI.

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What’s New in Design?

While designers still must create spaces that accommodate varied physical and cognitive abilities, style no longer takes a back seat.

Top trends in senior living include integrating organic elements into your design. Biophilic design is also trending, which uses fabrics, colors, and shapes to invoke a connection to nature. This focus on connectivity to nature also places an emphasis on quality, stylish outdoor furnishings for senior living environments.

Shared spaces should include seating that’s flexible to accommodate residents of diverse capabilities and to accommodate room usage.

From appropriate furniture dimensions to color theory, the science of designing for seniors requires a lot of planning to deliver functional spaces that also look stunning.  

Senior Living by Beaufurn makes this easier by offering commercial-grade furnishings that are safe, easy to clean, provide style and comfort, and can add to comprehensive orientation. (See Lounge and Lobby Design for Senior Living Communities).

Environments for Aging Event

Environments for Aging Conference + Expo is the ultimate networking, education, and product-sourcing event in senior living design. Visitors can see the latest products from more than 100 exhibitors. It’s a three-day learning experience for designers interesting in senior-friendly design for long-term and residential care settings.

Beaufurn is looking forward to meeting you there! Come visit us at Booth 113 and download our Senior Living Look Book beforehand.