commercial picnic table

Commercial Picnic Tables for Beautiful Outdoor Design

Commercial picnic tables are a necessity in any park or public area. Designers frequently seek metal picnic tables that are mounted to floors and easy to clean since they’re likely the most durable and are client-friendly.

Beaufurn’s commercial picnic tables below are perfect for outdoor use and can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. We have a large selection of all-weather, complete tables that are perfect for restaurants, bistros, cafes, and university settings.

  • The Monterey Table is an all-metal table that’s perfect for both indoor and outdoor settings. The table features a durable thermoplastic coating that’s weather and rust-resistant. The table also has a welded frame for extra strength and stability.

  • The Monterey Round is a similar table to the Monterey Table, but it’s designed for outdoor use only. The table has a hole in the center that can be used to mount an umbrella for shade. The thermoplastic coating is also UV resistant to protect against fading. It is perfect for restaurants, cafeterias, offices, universities, parks, and wherever outdoor seating is required.

  • The Monterey Pub Bar Table is perfect for restaurants and bar areas. It’s sort of a mini picnic table and ideal for creating intimate yet casual outdoor seating. This small picnic-style table is a great solution for space-saving layouts. Made of all-metal with a thermoplastic coating, it has a welded frame for extra stability. The bar table also comes with an adjustable foot that makes it perfect for uneven surfaces.

Find tips on designing a commercial bar: Bar & Pub Design; Explore commercial tables for indoor and outdoor use: Commercial Grade Tables.

Choose the Right Picnic Table Materials

Contract-grade picnic tables come in a variety of materials. Generally, bases are made of metal that is powder-coated to create a protective layer similar to paint. Powder-coating provides corrosion resistance and comes in various colors.

With surfaces ranging from wood to granite, laminate, metal, and marble, Beaufurn’s tables are ideal for restaurants, bars, cafés, and other heavy-traffic venues.

What Size and Style?

Commercial picnic tables come in various sizes and styles. Rectangular and round are the most common shapes. With a preferred 18 inches of linear space per person, you can expect a round table to seat about 8 people, while a rectangular table could seat about 12.

A typical tabletop surface is 2’-3’ in width and 6’-8’ in length. You will find specs on our commercial picnic tables available online and we welcome you to contact us with any questions.

Customize Your Outdoor Tables

Metal commercial picnic tables are ideal for high-traffic areas. If you’re looking for a more natural look, wood commercial picnic tables are available as well. However, they require more upkeep than metal options and may not be as durable.

Our Urban Table Tops, made with thermosetting resins, create weather-resistant dining that can be customized in various finishes that mimic antique oak, marble, and more.

We also can create tabletops that feature a company’s logo, photos, or other special graphics. With Beaufurn’s custom table top options, your commercial picnic table will enhance any venue, serving more than just a utilitarian need but also fulfilling your design aesthetic.