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What Is Senior Living Design?

Designers today realize that senior living design entails much more than a focus on safety. Senior living design, or universal design for senior living, creates an inviting, comfortable environment that makes it easy for people of any age or ability to live independently to the best of their ability. It promotes aging in place while elevating aesthetic appeal.

Senior Living by Beaufurn creates a sense of home in a new environment with unique and compelling senior living product offerings for common areas, dining rooms, and outdoor spaces.  We are looking forward to sharing these furnishings at the Environments of Aging Conference & Expo April 2-5, 2022, in the Wisconsin Center, Milwaukee, WI.

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Lounge and Lobby Design for Senior Living Communities

Designing common spaces for senior living installations, like an elevator area, lobby, or entryway, requires the same consideration, creativity, and research that living areas require. These common spaces must function as welcoming and comforting spaces for residents and accommodate varied physical and cognitive abilities.

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Lounge and lobby design for senior living or an assisted-care apartment building may be restricted by space as you’ll need to leave ample room for mobility challenges such as ambulation assistive walkers. You’ll also want to choose furnishings that aid in helping to orient residents to their floors.  (Read Senior Living Furniture That’s Comfortable, Contemporary, and Innovative to learn now furniture colors and patterns can offer logistic clues.)

Senior Living by Beaufurn is a line of furnishings for today’s modern senior and employs functional, yet timeless design. The following lobby design ideas, although focused on senior living, are contemporary styles for use in any common area in any industry.

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5 Senior Living Design Trends for 2021

Today’s award-winning senior living designs incorporate wellness, progressive care, safety, and socialization into comprehensive plans for continuing care communities. Retirement and senior living communities now highlight a healthier future for their residents, who seek activities, continued learning, nutrition, and intergenerational programs in facilities that offer cheerful design and modern amenities.

Beaufurn, creators of Senior Living by Beaufurn, shares 5 senior living design trends of 2021 and beyond. The Senior Living by Beaufurn collection offers a full senior living complement retirement housing.

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