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5 Senior Living Design Trends for 2021

Today’s award-winning senior living designs incorporate wellness, progressive care, safety, and socialization into comprehensive plans for continuing care communities. Retirement and senior living communities now highlight a healthier future for their residents, who seek activities, continued learning, nutrition, and intergenerational programs in facilities that offer cheerful design and modern amenities.

Beaufurn, creators of Senior Living by Beaufurn, shares 5 senior living design trends of 2021 and beyond. The Senior Living by Beaufurn collection offers a full senior living complement retirement housing.

Contemporary Continuing Care

Interiors of senior living communities are no longer swathed in “beach house” neutrals. Instead, bright hues and interesting textures create modular living areas that are inviting and hopeful rather than gray and institutional.

Exceptional retirement community design creates a sense of place, incorporating culture cues from the area for comfortable familiarity, but also includes invigorating, state-of-the-art furnishings, and lighting.

Senior Living by Beaufurn is designed specifically for senior living facilities, in sturdy yet comfortable styles, from dining chairs and lounge seating to sofa chairs and recliners that meet safety standards for assisted living communities. Learn more about our comfortable, contemporary, and innovative designs for senior living.

Wellness & Fitness in Senior Living Design

Today’s seniors want lifestyle options that include fitness amenities, gardens, halls built for walking, game rooms, and natural lighting. Create cheerful living spaces that provide a vibrant community to come home to.

Access to fitness amenities and classes won’t be exclusive to independent living residents, but also provided to and adapted for those in continuing care communities.

Technology for Better Mental & Physical Health

The aged often experience isolation and the pandemic has worsened this. Access to technology (and instruction on its use, when needed) is helping seniors fight loneliness. Through digital connections, seniors remain engaged with family, friends, and others in their care communities in safe, convenient, and affordable ways.

Remote patient monitoring will offer less intrusive continued care, allowing for more dignity.

Families will remain connected in between physical visits by supplemental video chats with their loved ones and/or video consultations with caregivers.

A Leisure Life with Purpose

While many seniors look forward to retirement and are no longer required to maintain a 9-to-5 schedule, that doesn’t mean seniors are ready to stop having a meaningful purpose in life. Seniors need to have the opportunity to contribute and continue to learn.

The rigid schedule of life before retirement may be over, but a leisure life no longer means that seniors are relegated to sedentary lives with little adventure.  They now have time to enjoy retirement the way it’s meant to be.

There will be a shift from viewing seniors as having their past life at home to having their continued life in a new environment, a new community. There, they have value and purpose. Hospitality will expand to accommodate the need for continued learning, entertainment, and activities that keep seniors engaged throughout their spectrum of care, from independent to assisted living, to memory care.

Sustainability in Design

easy-to-clean chairs for retirement home interior design by Beaufurn

Senior Living by Beaufurn chairs have arms that allow for added support and stability and the seats are properly proportioned for comfort. Select chairs are available with casters, as well as built-in handles for easy navigation.

Lounge furniture and chairs are available with bleachable antimicrobial fabrics and water-based wood finishes, a moisture barrier to prevent moisture penetration, as well as a removable seat deck for repeated cleaning to maintain a healthy environment. Our Senior Living Collection features tables with solid footing and balance yet trendy silhouettes to create high-end vignettes.

Beaufurn product lines fit the needs of designers who prioritize sustainability in the entirety of their designs – following LEED standards with a vision to contribute to more sustainable lives, indoors and outdoors, worldwide. We use water-based lacquers and earth-friendly fabrics. All our products are domestically produced, leaving a smaller carbon footprint logistically.

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