commercial seating that stands up to repeated cleanings

How to Clean Commercial Chairs in Restaurants & Other Settings

Designers are challenged to create attractive, welcoming spaces furnished with products that are durable yet comfortable. Seating that provides style and safety is ideal. Whatever the commercial environment —restaurant, café, food court, and university applications — Beaufurn chairs provide flair as well as practical performance.

We offer the following tips on how to clean and disinfect our commercial chairs designed for comfort and functionality.

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How to Clean Restaurant (Commercial) Chairs, in general

Our fabrics already incorporate bacterial-resistant properties with anti-microbial finishes.

Clean surfaces regularly to remove spills, water rings, and food debris. Beaufurn seating options are designed with durability and ease of cleaning in mind. Many of our commercial seating designs can be customized using Grade 1 and Grade 2 fabrics, such as Sentry (with 1,300,000 double rubs durability) and Beyond Thera (500,000 double rubs durability).

We recommend using only water with mild soap to clean most commercial fabrics. A 4:1 bleach solution can be used on certain chairs in our collection indicated in our fabric catalog.

Use only water for cleaning non-wooden chairs and barstools.

How to Clean Wood Chairs

Our wood furnishings are cleanable for aseptic integrity.

Wood furnishings should be cleaned with a solution of warm water, and mild soap if needed. Don’t use cleaning sprays or sanitizers that contain citric acid or strong alkaline products. Use only soft, clean cloths to wipe wooden furniture.

How to Clean Outdoor Teak Chairs

Teak is a natural hardwood. Designers valued teak for its natural weather-resistance.

Teak is ideal for outdoor furniture to create inviting vignettes. Treat teak tabletops and chairs with a teak oil to maintain their original, warm honey tones. Otherwise, teak can naturally age outdoors to a graying hue. You also can use a gentle cleaner (mild soap and water) or 1 cup vinegar with 1-gallon warm water, mixing in 2 teaspoon trisodium phosphate cleaner.

Want the appearance of teak without the maintenance? Our Malibu collection with matching side chairs, armchairs, and tables is available in poly teak. Use only a mild soap and water mixture (no ammonia or acid-based cleaners) on poly teak chairs and tabletops.

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How to Clean Wood Veneer Chairs

Use only a non-abrasive and non-acidic cleaning solution on wood veneer chairs.

How to Clean Chairs with Varnished, Painted, or Powder-Coated Metal Surfaces

Use only non-abrasive, non-acidic solutions. Avoid using polish and sealers; use only non-bleach detergents.

Beaufurn specializes in hotel furniture, restaurant furniture, restaurant chairs, bistro tables, and all-weather furniture for commercial use. There’s no need to sacrifice design to achieve hygienic settings.

Our collections are ideal for commercial spaces in need of durable, easy-to-clean, yet stylish indoor and outdoor furniture.