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furniture for personalized spaces

Furniture for Personalized Spaces: Commercial Options for Individuality

Commercial spaces are typically designed with a single purpose in mind – to create an area that is functional and appealing to the greatest number of people. But there’s no reason why designed spaces can’t be personalized to make them more distinct to their business or location. At Beaufurn we strive to provide our customers with numerous highly adaptive furniture lines, most of which are easily tailored to match an interior designer’s unique vision for an area. Let’s explore a few different options for furniture for personalized spaces, using items from our various furniture lines.

Flexibility and Versatility

When crafting a personalized commercial space, designers might choose multi-configurable furniture choices and array them specifically to target a personalized style they intend to convey. Modular furniture is ideal for that approach. Conceptually designed furniture sets and pieces can present artistic “impressions” (high-walled and vertical, horizontal and low-slung, straight-lined and angular versus soft-shaped and organic).  With the addition of customizable color, texture, and material choices, these impressions can be useful starting points by providing the designer with a full range of tools to zero in on the personalized look they want. Beaufurn offers customers a wide variety of high-concept designs and multi-modular furniture sets that are easily staged as furniture for personalized spaces.


The STUDIO line

furniture for personalized spaces -The Studio Line

Perfect for creating modular seating areas with a modern flair. The STUDIO line is carefully crafted with a sleek, enclosed geometric design that will elevate the look of any space.  This mix-and-match furniture set of high-backed chairs and corner modules and low-backed sofa combinations can be grouped and arranged in any number of combinations to create intimate corner stations or semi-private mid-room conversation hubs.

Studio 550C Single Seat


Bean Lounge Chair

Bean Lounge Chair

With a low, open silhouette and laid-back style, the Bean Lounge Chair has a soft, obtuse organic shape that suggests easy relaxation and informal lounging. It comes in multiple color options, ranging from the understated to the dramatic, to create a personalized visual statement about its surroundings.


Brent High Back Lounge Seating

Brent Highback Lounge Seating

The Brent High Back Lounge features a high backstop silhouette with enclosing wing arms, suggesting the intimacy of booth seating with less harsh rigidity. Its tall back wall will provide support as an anchoring central seating feature for surrounding chairs or can be staged in tandem with other Brent High Back Lounges to create a private enclave. Upholstered in vibrant purple with fanciful horizontal stripes in a gradient of unexpected color.


furniture for personalized spaces -The Ibiza Line

The IBIZA line offers a futuristic take on area seating, with low-backed angular geometric shapes floating atop slender metal footing. Pale-colored, light, and airy, its combination of versatile central and end pieces can be assembled to evoke any number of personalized conversational seating areas… without losing any of its inherent style.

furniture for personalized spaces - The Miami Collection

The MIAMI collection offers equally complementary furniture pieces ideal for corner placement or as a pit group array, though rounder and more organic in shape. This seating choice can be further personalized through the selection of any of several soft pale colors (or in basic black, should one prefer a darker or more formal tone). 


furniture for personalized spaces - The Serene Collection

The SERENE collection of area seating options is low-slung and more sharply chiseled in style, accompanied by wide square side tables or a long sleek coffee table option. This perfectly lends itself to creating open, low-backed conversational islands. Easily personalized through the stylistic combination of different fabric colors accented by a choice of finished metal.


furniture for personalized spaces - The Moda Collection

The MODA collection of seating modules offers a high-concept design that combines straight structural angles with visually striking patterned fabric choices to create an exotic, angled-wedge feel.

Moda Lounge Chair

Adding the Moda Lounge Chair to the mix (with its rounded seating back) can bring a bit of fresh geometry to the set.

Moda’s wide-ranging choice of colors and finishes allow the designer to choose the wood to accent and frame the eye-catching upholstery, offering a further opportunity to personalize the set with styled looks ranging from coolly muted to wildly dramatic.   

If you have a specific color scheme or style you’re looking for and can’t find on the market, Beaufurn can help. We offer many customization options with our furniture, including various upholstery options, multiple fabric choices, different materials (wood, metal, rattan), and metal colors and types.

Contact Us

At Beaufurn we carry multiple lines of stylish and functional commercial furniture ideal for any business or casual setting. If you seek furniture for personalized spaces to execute your design vision, our catalog has what you need. Let us help you create a space that satisfies your guests and customers while reflecting its own personal style. Call us at 888-766-7706 or contact us here to learn more.

Entrance to the NeoCon Convention

New Products and a Refreshed Brand: Beaufurn Unveils A Bold New Look And Innovative Collections for NeoCon

Beaufurn is pleased to announce we will be exhibiting at NeoCon 2022, where we will highlight many superb new products in support of our commercial interior product line. Still more exciting is our unveiling of a complete brand refresh across all of our platforms, with a fresh look and feel that reflects the company’s evolution into an all-encompassing commercial furniture manufacturer. Beaufurn’s new look and logo will more accurately represent our commitment to innovation and our company’s role in furnishing inspired environments.

“While our business has transformed dramatically over the past few years, it became clear that perceptions of the company have not evolved at the same pace,” said Thomas Bongaerts, CEO of Beaufurn. “The brand refresh marks a new Beaufurn both inside the company and out, with a strategy hyper-focused on the commercial furnishings audience.”

The new brand identity, including a new logo, visual elements, and a streamlined user interface, makes its formal debut on the web as the company prepares to display at NeoCon 2022.

New Beaufurn Collections Making Their Debut at NeoCon 2022

Luna – Minimal, practical, and comfortable, the Luna collection is both versatile and functional with all-purpose stack chairs. Lightweight construction, this versatile chair is constructed with a solid steel frame and technopolymer shell available in bright, modern colors, Luna achieves maximum stability in use and is easy to assemble. Perfectly created for use in conference rooms, waiting areas, meetings, or public spaces, Luna is available with armrests, linking mechanisms, and an anti-panic writing tablet.

Aaron Outdoor Collection – The Aaron Outdoor collection adds a unique and contemporary aesthetic to outdoor spaces. This modern, Adirondack-inspired outdoor furniture is built from ultra-durable high-density polyethylene (HDPE), in part from recycled materials.

The collection is made up of armchair, side chair and table, with exciting additions to the collection still to come. Made of durable HDPE, the product is stabilized to withstand the harshest outdoor conditions and can remain outside year-round. The Aaron collection will not rust, delaminate, or rot when exposed to UV, humidity, or water. The HDPE polymer never needs painting or refinishing, works like wood, and is easy to maintain.

Sienna – Casual comfort and a simple yet classic shape, the Sienna is a unique stackable outdoor chair. Made from high-quality injected polypropylene to increase durability and with UV protection to prevent color fading, the Sienna outdoor armchair will help complete any outdoor environment.

Zsa Zsa – Versatile accent tables, with a minimal footprint, the Zsa Zsa is designed with an elegant and refined shape that works well in any social setting. With a cylindrical base, made from your choice of white Carrara marble or cement, these compact tables are available in two heights to suit any environment where space matters.

Finley – The Finley collection offers comfort and versatility certain to enhance the aesthetics in any environment. Made of a solid beech frame, a stainless steel kickplate is available on both barstools. The collection includes an arm and side chair, along with two barstool options.

Abbey – Enhanced by gracefully slanted arms, the Abbey chair features a natural cane back and solid Beech frame, which gives it a sense of lightness and sophistication. With a curved seatback, the Abbey is a contemporary update that balances mid-century charm with contemporary style for a look that complements any setting.

NeoCon - June 13-15, 2022 - theMART, Chicago, #NeoCon2022

We invite you to visit our exhibit at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago, at Suite 1159. We look forward to seeing you in the Windy City. Join us there and see what’s new with Beaufurn!

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