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The Office Changes | Workspace Design Evolves

Current global events are changing the way the world goes to work. For some, the office is now the dining room table or some other room at home that has been converted for new duties. For others, they are traveling to the office at some limited capacity with on and off days or limited hours, and for other small businesses, maybe the office is the same but sanitizing stations and mask reminders are prevalent.

It’s not surprising that work looks different, but how can we still feel connected within this new setting?  It’s challenging for managers and employees to remain engaged.

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Queue collection movable furniture

Designing Educational Spaces

Child engagement is essential when designing children’s spaces, but safety is the number one priority.  Children’s spaces need to be easily cleanable, ergonomically proportional, as well as solid and sturdy for safe design.  When considering furniture pieces for children’s spaces, soft seating is king in early childhood education or pediatric environments, and the perfect solution is here with the Queue Collection by Beaufurn.

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College Furniture Solutions for 21st Century Challenges

While most discussion around students returning to college campuses centers around online learning versus in-class instruction, there is also concern regarding how to keep students safe on campus in general — in college lounge areas, cafeterias, and dormitories.

College and institutions of higher learning will rely on federal and state guidelines to determine best practices for public health, they will need designers to help them change shared spaces and common areas to focus on less dense use.

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umbrellas with social distancing screens

Taking it Outside: Spaces Designed to Help Fight Infection

Society has become so aware of space and dimension since the coronavirus pandemic. The current environment has made impressive accommodations for a post-COVID world, knowing social distancing is a priority in preventing its spread.

Outdoor space is now a health asset. For the restaurant industry, it’s a silver lining to what has been an economic challenge. To college and universities, it may play a crucial role in their ability to provide safe space for the social connection so crucial to the college experience.

For all industries, outdoor space is gaining value.

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Design for Outdoor Social Distancing

While the nation begins to emerge post-COVID, the pandemic’s impact on the hospitality community is evident by its embrace of outdoor social distancing. The commercial design industry is focusing on providing safe customer environments in which outdoor social distancing plays a crucial role.

These outdoor spaces will need to comfort customers. Safety is not only achievable, but it can be stylish and welcoming as well. And while outdoor dining may provide a lifeline to those in the hospitality industry, allaying the fear of open-air transmission is a challenge. Beaufurn is ready to help you meet it.

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Columbus barstools in restaurant

Visit Us at NeoCon 2020 From the Comfort of Your Home or Office

Just like you, we were looking forward to attending NeoCon 2020 in person. Unfortunately, the quarantine eliminated our ability to physically gather at the “launchpad for innovations” inside the Mart in Chicago.

But we can still gather virtually… and safely!

Take a digital walk through Beaufurn’s Chicago showroom at NeoCon 2020 to see in 3D our large selection of innovative designs. Discover our products that are not only designed with aesthetics in mind but also designed for safety, durability, and easy sanitation. Beaufurn virtual NeoCon2020 is similar to our HD Expo 2020 showroom, where you can discover new products at your own speed, as many times as you’d like.

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