umbrellas with social distancing screens

Taking it Outside: Spaces Designed to Help Fight Infection

Society has become so aware of space and dimension since the coronavirus pandemic. The current environment has made impressive accommodations for a post-COVID world, knowing social distancing is a priority in preventing its spread.

Outdoor space is now a health asset. For the restaurant industry, it’s a silver lining to what has been an economic challenge. To college and universities, it may play a crucial role in their ability to provide safe space for the social connection so crucial to the college experience.

For all industries, outdoor space is gaining value.

Beaufurn, well known for commercial outdoor furniture ideal for use in outdoor restaurants, cafés, hotel pool areas, and universities, also provides commercial outdoor shelter for beautiful, enhanced outdoor spaces for safe customer environments.

What Are Social Distancing Guidelines?

To practice social or physical distancing, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, individuals must stay at least 6 feet (about 2 arms’ length) from each other.

While many venues prepare to open following the coronavirus quarantine, state and local health officials are adjusting the guiding principles to accommodate large gatherings. Expanding the use of outdoor space is high up on the list of solutions. Experts are increasingly confident in evidence showing that the risk of coronavirus spreading is much less outdoors than indoors.  (More information about COVID-19 Guidelines are available on the CDC website.) Alfresco dining has become the solution for many restaurants newly opened after the pandemic shutdown.

Outdoor Shelter: COVID-era Social Spaces

We need outdoor spaces to reconnect people. Seclusion has made us all yearn for social interaction, even if it comes at 2-arms’ length.  How can outdoor spaces reconnect people and provide welcoming yet safe gathering areas? We suggest incorporating attractive barriers, social distancing screens, easily sanitized and moveable furniture, and purposeful groupings in careful configurations. Beaufurn’s cantilever and single-pole umbrellas can be used to create purposeful groupings, as well as offer exceptional shelter from sun and rain.  Our stylish umbrellas expand any outdoor property into usable spaces mostly year-round.

Social Distancing Screens for Safe Customer Environments

Large patio umbrellas can expand your outdoor living options and establish sections for safe social distancing. Our P6 Quattro XL combines four cantilever umbrellas on a single pole, creating shade for up to 400 square feet, which offers 6-foot distancing. Our new umbrella partition for the P6 Square and Square XL is a social distancing screen that enables you to seat more guests safely outdoors by providing a protective screen. The partitions are translucent, so guests still feel connected to other patrons and are able to enjoy the natural setting and scenery.

Purposeful Outside Design

P6 Quattro for social distance dining

Designers can easily create purposeful, safe configurations for alfresco seating by pairing Beaufurn’s partitions with cantilevered or single pole umbrellas. All of our umbrellas are easy to operate. The P6 umbrella system features our patented One-Move™ spring mechanism to effortlessly lift and lower the umbrella. P6 Saule systems provide shade solutions for restaurants, bars, and other businesses that want to grow their revenue by creating additional seating areas without the cost of construction. On our website, we offer several suggested configurations for outside social distancing, but we encourage designers to contact us for ideas on how to distance patrons while maximizing your space.

Beaufurn umbrellas are fade-resistant, mildew-resistant, waterproof, and come in a wide variety of colors.

We will continue to pursue innovative solutions to meet the changing needs of the design community and to create products that are stylish, durable, and safe.