Queue collection movable furniture

Designing Educational Spaces

Child engagement is essential when designing children’s spaces, but safety is the number one priority.  Children’s spaces need to be easily cleanable, ergonomically proportional, as well as solid and sturdy for safe design.  When considering furniture pieces for children’s spaces, soft seating is king in early childhood education or pediatric environments, and the perfect solution is here with the Queue Collection by Beaufurn.

Adaptable Furniture for Children’s Spaces

Queue design has been evolving over the last 7 years and can meet the demands of all educational spaces.  Not only is it safe, more about that soon, but it is fun too.  The only limitation to the design is your imagination.  Because Queue furniture is all foam construction, each piece can be any seat height or dimension and in any form.

Engaging Design for Educational Settings

easy to clean classroom seating

Shapes, letters, and numbers are especially engaging for younger age groups, but oversized lounge seating in abstract shapes is unique and interesting for a university setting as well.  Anything is possible, whether you want to cover a large floor space, want to create a specific shape (think mascot or logo), or do something as simple as the letter “A”.  When combining interesting shapes with colorful fabrics, the spaces are more engaging and help spur creativity!

Queue is also durable but soft (all foam construction), and easily cleanable.  Of course, cleanability has always been important, but within the current pandemic of 2020, it is increasingly so.  Queue has no exposed wood, which makes cleaning a breeze.  However, the type of upholstery material selected will be the determining factor of how to clean each piece.  It is always recommended to follow the fabric manufacturer’s guidelines.

Durability, Functionality, Customization

furniture for kindergarten

Luckily, now, there are many materials available that withstand bleach solutions and other approved chemicals to fight bacteria, algae, and viruses.  Consider designing with materials like Highland Stretch that have inherent properties that actually fight these organisms and is also water-resistant.  With the right selection of materials, these seating collections will be safe and clean for even the youngest age group and perfect for myriad educational settings.

Queue is also solid and sturdy.  The foam used is solid and sturdy enough that it only compresses slightly with pressure, yet soft enough for a comfortable sit.  The hidden plywood base helps weight the unit.  Depending on the design and scale of the piece, most medium-size units are lightweight enough to move around but stable enough that each will not move when sitting down.  Without legs, tripping hazards are also eliminated, which makes Queue a soft spot to land for the tiniest user or adult. 

Classroom Design with Beaufurn

Furniture for education venues for any age should be fun and safe and collaborative! When soft seating is required for common or collaborative spaces, look to the Queue Collection from Beaufurn.