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Nature-Inspired Interior Spaces

Designing Nature-Inspired Interior Spaces with Beaufurn

When creating themed interior commercial space there are countless classic styles and themes to choose from. The proper choice will depend on the objective of the designer and the intended purpose of the proposed space. Some of the most powerful and emotionally resonant scenes can be found in nature, which offers endless organic style elements for translation and emulation in an interior setting. At Beaufurn our goal is to provide our clients with a wide variety of options for creatively decorating their commercial spaces. If nature is your inspiration, Beaufurn stands ready to help furnish your nature-inspired interior spaces.

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modern restaurant seating

How Often Should I Replace My Restaurant Furniture?

Commercial-grade restaurant furniture is designed to withstand consistent heavy use in areas for years to come. While it needs to be inviting and comfortable, it also must hold up to multiple cleanings.

You should replace restaurant furniture every 5-10 years. However, many variables play a role in replacing restaurant furniture, including the materials used to manufacture your restaurant seating and tables, whether the furniture is indoor or outdoor, how heavily it’s used, and the quality of its care.

Even when restaurant furniture appears to be in excellent condition, it may need to be replaced just to revitalize your venue.

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modern booth seating

Great Design Solutions for Booth Seating in Restaurants

Booth seating in restaurants creates a sense of intimacy among groups of families or friends who gather to dine. This sense of togetherness can encourage your restaurant patrons to linger, not only enjoying each other’s company for longer but also consuming more.

Additionally, booth seating helps the consumer feel isolated from the hustle and bustle of a restaurant environment, avoiding what might be a stressful experience for some. Booths protect patrons from much of the noise as well.

Lastly, corner seating with booths makes use of otherwise cumbersome space and makes it suitable for customers to enjoy. Read further for corner seating tips and options.

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bistro set

How To Protect Bistro Chairs

You found the perfect commercial outdoor Bistro sets, not only adding to serving capacity but successfully adding a fun, European flair to your venue’s appearance. Now you want to know how to protect your Bistro chairs so they last as long as possible.

First, we hope you’ve chosen contract-grade furniture for your venue, manufactured to last in high-traffic areas and made to be cleaned frequently. If your Bistro chairs and tables are used outdoors, we recommend their frames be lightly sanded and varnished yearly with a commercial lacquer. During inclement weather, Bistro sets should be stacked and stored in a covered area to ensure their extended use.

To clean Bistro chairs, we suggest you use only water with a mild soap. Wooden materials, such as natural rattan or Malacca, should be wiped using a damp microfiber cloth and then dried quickly after cleaning. You could also use furniture polish on wooden Bistro chairs and “nourish” the Malacca with linseed oil on occasion.

Never use an abrasive sponge or cloth on your Bistro chairs for cleaning purposes. Browse Beaufurn’s Bistro® furniture online, built with cast-iron bases and strong woven materials to last a long time.

Beaufurn Outdoor French Bistro® Chairs feature weave materials suitable for outdoor use, are resistant to fungus and mold, and are UV resistant so they won’t fade in sunlight. We recommend pairing our French Bistro® Chairs with our widely popular thermoset resin table tops. Browse our Urban Table Tops Collection online. Read further to learn more about caring for Bistro chairs.

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outdoor umbrellas commercial pool

How to Choose the Right Commercial Umbrella

Commercial-grade umbrellas for outdoor use come in various shapes, sizes, colors, and their cost may vary. Their ability to expand a restaurant or bar’s serving capacity, however, is invaluable. So, too, their ability to enhance poolside accommodations in the hospitality industry.

If you’re ready to help clients expand their guest accommodations or restaurant footprint, you may be wondering how to choose the right commercial umbrella for your project.

You can determine which commercial umbrella to choose by considering its desired function, the amount of shelter needed, the size of the space to be sheltered, the site’s environment, and the umbrella’s durability. And, of course, its style!

Read on to take a closer look at how to best choose the commercial umbrella for your outdoor seating area, whether designing for dining, poolside relaxation, or creating spaces for people to congregate while protected from the elements.

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Haley contract grade chair

What Is Contract Grade Furniture? (Also Called Commercial Grade)

Designers seek contract grade furniture, rather than residential furnishings, for good reason.  So, what is contract grade furniture? Contract grade furniture, also called commercial grade, not only appeals to our visual and emotional senses but it is built to last in high-traffic environments. Contract grade furniture is designed for commercial use. It is made to withstand consistent heavy use in areas for years to come and must hold up to multiple, frequent cleanings.

Beaufurn Contact Furniture comes in many styles, finishes, and fabrics. Our furnishings are properly proportioned for comfort and style and suitable for use in many settings, including lobbies, lounges, and other public spaces. Moreover, Beaufurn commercial furniture manufacturing takes place in the USA.

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attractive high top bar seating

What is High Top Seating? And What Makes it Different?

Commercial barstools come in diverse styles to offer comfort and versatility. While it’s difficult to predict each customer’s preference in seating, designers can assume there are different inclinations between standard seating, booths, and high tops among the general public.  So what is high top seating and what makes it different?

High top seating includes tables and stools that are higher than a regular dining set and taller than booth seats. Typically, high top seating will be stationed near a bar yet provide seating vignettes away from potentially crowded bar areas.

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barstools for bar design

New Designs in Commercial Barstools for Restaurants and Pubs

Is your restaurant or pub evolving with today’s consumers? While contemporary designs can evoke an initial attraction, you want commercial furniture that provides well beyond that first “invitation.”  Commercial barstools in diverse styles that offer comfort and versatility are in high demand and Beaufurn has them!

Let’s look at some of the trendy bar stools available in styles from backed to backless, armed to armless, adjustable, swivel, and more. Show off your restaurant’s sophistication and style with the perfect combination of pub furniture that represents your brand.

Need tips on how to design a commercial bar? This Beaufurn article offer design ideas for bars and restaurants. Continue reading for trendy barstool ideas.

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bar design from Beaufurn

How to Design a Commercial Bar | Design Ideas from Beaufurn

Cities are coming back! Public venues are again starting to fill, and you can feel the energy surging. Restaurants and bar patrons can once again gather for familiar conversation or new encounters. Still, the pandemic will likely inform designer decisions. For example, “personal space” might be a bit different, and commercial bar furniture that’s easily cleaned, and durable will be a priority.

Beaufurn provides indoor and outdoor commercial bar furniture that enables designers to create safe, healthy customer environments. We have the quality designers expect in bar room furniture. Best of all: we offer flexibility in barstool type, base, frame, and materials. Let’s explore how to design a commercial bar.

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marble tabletops

How to Clean Marble Table Tops

Incorporating marble table tops into your design is an impressive way to add color and timeless elegance to an indoor or outdoor space. Marble never goes out of style, but it does need some care.

However, marble is a porous material so it should be treated with an anti-stain protectant. A daily cleaning using mild dish soap and a damp microfiber cloth will help keep marble beautiful.

Beaufurn, which manufactures marble table tops in a variety of sizes, colors, and edges, offers these additional tips on how to clean and protect marble table tops so they look great, year after year.

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