Haley contract grade chair

What Is Contract Grade Furniture? (Also Called Commercial Grade)

Designers seek contract grade furniture, rather than residential furnishings, for good reason.  So, what is contract grade furniture? Contract grade furniture, also called commercial grade, not only appeals to our visual and emotional senses but it is built to last in high-traffic environments. Contract grade furniture is designed for commercial use. It is made to withstand consistent heavy use in areas for years to come and must hold up to multiple, frequent cleanings.

Beaufurn Contact Furniture comes in many styles, finishes, and fabrics. Our furnishings are properly proportioned for comfort and style and suitable for use in many settings, including lobbies, lounges, and other public spaces. Moreover, Beaufurn commercial furniture manufacturing takes place in the USA.

Furniture for Commercial Use

Designers who are designing a space specifically for a commercial/contract environment (i.e., Hotel, restaurant, senior living, college/university) will seek out contract grade furnishings. Depending on its venue destination and use, contract grade furniture must meet certain regulations and specific quality standards.

The best designs can make the busiest spaces still feel welcoming, nearly like home, using commercial grade furniture. Our furnishings offer both style and strength, the ideal combination in contract grade furniture.

Beaufurn furniture is manufactured for high use, with finishes that stand up to high cleaning standards and multiple washings.

Standards in Commercial Furniture

Many healthcare fabrics, for instance, are bleach-cleanable and our chairs feature removable cushions for ease of cleaning. Fabrics and finishes are stain-resistant with moisture barriers to keep furniture looking new years after purchase.

A reputable manufacturer of commercial grade furniture will test its fabrics and its finishes to ensure longevity and integrity. Many Beaufurn designs in the Health Care line use fabrics with anti-microbial finishes tested to withstand more than 90,000 double rubs and some up to 1.3 million double rubs.

The new Senior Living Collection by Beaufurn employs functional, yet timeless designs to meet the needs of today’s modern senior. Many options that cater to senior living are available, such as adjustable and removable seats, casters, front wheels, handles, and more. Fabrics and water-based wood finishes can withstand repeated cleaning.

Often, designers can specify and source the materials used for upholstering a custom piece of furniture. Manufacturers will state that COM (customer’s own material) is accepted. Beaufurn commercial furniture is fully customizable for finishes and upholstery options.

For instance, the Haley Uph Chair comes with a fully upholstered back and is available with Graded Fabric or COM and any Standard Wood Finishes.  Ideal for Restaurants, Airports, Hotels and Universities.

Commercial grade restaurant furniture typically will have foam padding in a density above 2.0, and it must also meet stringent safety codes, such as CAL 133/fire barrier codes.

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