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How To Protect Bistro Chairs

You found the perfect commercial outdoor Bistro sets, not only adding to serving capacity but successfully adding a fun, European flair to your venue’s appearance. Now you want to know how to protect your Bistro chairs so they last as long as possible.

First, we hope you’ve chosen contract-grade furniture for your venue, manufactured to last in high-traffic areas and made to be cleaned frequently. If your Bistro chairs and tables are used outdoors, we recommend their frames be lightly sanded and varnished yearly with a commercial lacquer. During inclement weather, Bistro sets should be stacked and stored in a covered area to ensure their extended use.

To clean Bistro chairs, we suggest you use only water with a mild soap. Wooden materials, such as natural rattan or Malacca, should be wiped using a damp microfiber cloth and then dried quickly after cleaning. You could also use furniture polish on wooden Bistro chairs and “nourish” the Malacca with linseed oil on occasion.

Never use an abrasive sponge or cloth on your Bistro chairs for cleaning purposes. Browse Beaufurn’s Bistro® furniture online, built with cast-iron bases and strong woven materials to last a long time.

Beaufurn Outdoor French Bistro® Chairs feature weave materials suitable for outdoor use, are resistant to fungus and mold, and are UV resistant so they won’t fade in sunlight. We recommend pairing our French Bistro® Chairs with our widely popular thermoset resin table tops. Browse our Urban Table Tops Collection online. Read further to learn more about caring for Bistro chairs.

Rilsan Versus Nylon?

The weave of our French Bistro® Chairs comes in Rilsan or Nylon. Rilsan is the trade name for a type of Nylon. It’s an above-standard Nylon that is sustainable and renewable, classified as a lightweight bioplastic. While Rilsan is more expensive than Nylson, it is considered a bio-based coating. All its hydrocarbons are plant-based as the castor beans provide the main substance for Rilsan.

While some of our furniture is designed to be outdoors (such as on a balcony or at an outdoor cafe), when properly cared for, all our furniture can be used indoors. Build your perfect Bistro furniture set choosing options such Rilsan, Nylon, or synthetic fabric, with Malacca Rattan or Manau frames.

For all available options, colors, and weaves, please see the French Bistro® brochure.

All-Weather Bistro Sets

Beaufurn’s outdoor chairs, barstools, & tables are stylish and comfortable. They also are constructed of high-quality, durable weather-resistant materials, which makes them perfect for indoor or outdoor restaurant seating, poolside seating, and general commercial use settings where the scene is relaxed yet sophisticated.

Even in nice weather, however, Bistro sets will need routine dusting and inspection. Look for signs of mold and never store outdoor Bistro chairs when there’s even a small sign of moisture on them. Stack and store them only when they are completely dry to avoid mildew, which can cause permanent staining.