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How to Choose the Right Commercial Umbrella

Commercial-grade umbrellas for outdoor use come in various shapes, sizes, colors, and their cost may vary. Their ability to expand a restaurant or bar’s serving capacity, however, is invaluable. So, too, their ability to enhance poolside accommodations in the hospitality industry.

If you’re ready to help clients expand their guest accommodations or restaurant footprint, you may be wondering how to choose the right commercial umbrella for your project.

You can determine which commercial umbrella to choose by considering its desired function, the amount of shelter needed, the size of the space to be sheltered, the site’s environment, and the umbrella’s durability. And, of course, its style!

Read on to take a closer look at how to best choose the commercial umbrella for your outdoor seating area, whether designing for dining, poolside relaxation, or creating spaces for people to congregate while protected from the elements.

What Size Commercial Umbrella Do I Need?

The canopies of contract-grade umbrellas typically range from 7 feet to 11 feet.

The size you need will depend on your available space and your seating arrangements. For each 36-inch table, have a 7-foot umbrella as coverage.

For tables 48-inches wide, use a 9-foot umbrella. For larger tables in need of shelter, provide a canopy larger than 9 feet.

The Beaufurn P6 Duo Square All Weather Umbrella is a popular restaurant and patio umbrella choice because it can provide shade for large terraces as it consists of two P6 square umbrellas on one pole. It’s a cantilever style, supported from the side rather than the center. This provides open, unobstructed space underneath the canopy for furniture.

The P6 umbrella is offered in 11.5 feet round, 8-feet x 8-feet square, or 10-feet x 10-feet square.

Umbrella Types for Outdoor Seating

Designers prefer cantilever-style umbrellas for outdoor shelter because they provide shelter while leaving the floor plan virtually open to any furniture/seating configuration.

A single pole is another type of umbrella. Beaufurn single-pole umbrellas not only offer excellent sun protection but have such elegant profiles that they become an enhancement to poolside venue design and other lounge areas.

Your umbrella base and its operating mechanisms will vary. Manual lift, pulley, and crank mechanisms are available, as well as tilting and stationary options. Our P6 umbrella system features our patented One-Move™ gas spring mechanism which effortlessly lifts and lowers the umbrella. It’s quite a welcome function among those who manage properties and venues as it saves time and eliminates frustration.

Durable Outdoor Umbrella Choices

When choosing an outdoor umbrella for commercial use, you need a canopy of high-performance fabrics. Choose umbrella fabrics that provide UV ray protection, water repellency, and are resistant to mildew. You’ll also want your canopy fabrics to be fade-resistant.

Also, consider the wind speed rating (in mph) of your commercial umbrellas. Beaufurn offers a scale from under 1 mph winds to upwards of 73 mph or higher.

Want to learn more about our contract-grade umbrellas? Contact us today and let’s discuss your design project.