French Bistro Collection

Classic Elegance with a Parisian Flair

Beaufurn’s French Bistro® collection echos the style that is often seen adorning outdoor café seating areas along the Parisian landscape. From chairs and barstools, to banquette seating, choose the pattern, colors, weave materials, frames and strapping to fit your vision. Most French Bistro® chairs stack for convenience and banquette seating is made to your custom measurement.


Handwoven by European Artisans

weaving a french bistro chair back
weaving a french bistro chair back
weaving a french bistro chair back
weaving a french bistro chair back

Each French Bistro® chair and barstool is constructed using only the finest materials and is handmade by European craftsmen.

Customized French Bistro Seating Made Easy

Step 1: First, select a style. Choose from custom French Bistro chairs, counter stools or barstools.

french bistro chair


french bistro stool


french bistro armchair


Step 2: Next, select your frame. Choices include Malacca or Manau.

Malacca option for french bistro seating


manau option for french bistro seating


Step 3:

Lastly, select a weave pattern and strapping. Choose color of rilsan strapping.

Petits Lignes Chevron weave

Petits Lignes Chevron

paris weave


accordian weave


We have a selection of RTS “ready to ship” items in stock and ready to ship within 2-3 business days

French Bistro® Banquette

french bistro banquette 105
french bistro banquette 106
french bistro banquette 108
french bistro banquette 107