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How to Clean Marble Table Tops

Incorporating marble table tops into your design is an impressive way to add color and timeless elegance to an indoor or outdoor space. Marble never goes out of style, but it does need some care.

However, marble is a porous material so it should be treated with an anti-stain protectant. A daily cleaning using mild dish soap and a damp microfiber cloth will help keep marble beautiful.

Beaufurn, which manufactures marble table tops in a variety of sizes, colors, and edges, offers these additional tips on how to clean and protect marble table tops so they look great, year after year.

How To Keep Stains Off Your Table Tops

Adding marble tables to an eating area, of course, means an added risk of stains. Beaufurn’s marble tops are polished with anti-stain treatment. However, food or liquid stains should be removed off marble as soon as possible and the marble top should be re-treated with anti-stain at least twice a year. There are many suitable products on the market that make this a simple task.

Marble is quite porous. Do not use common household products such as vinegar, which is too acidic and may pit or mar the marble.

We recommend you avoid using any abrasive cleaners and use only a clean, soft microfiber cloth to dust the surface of marble tables.

How To Remove Stains From Marble Table Tops

You can get stains off marble using a variety of products on the market or with a homemade paste. Create a paste using dish soap, flour, and water with a semi-sticky consistency. Coat the stained area of the marble with the paste. Cover that area with plastic wrap and allow it to sit for 24 hours. Remove the wrap and gently wipe away the paste with a moist, clean sponge. Clean any residual mixture with a damp microfiber cloth.

How To Remove Scratches

There are products on the market made specifically for removing scratches off marble but be sure to choose the product suitable to the type of finish on your marble (shiny versus matte).

You may be able to remove shallow scratches by sanding it out using a ball of fine steel wool and then re-sealing with a penetrating sealer.

Deep scratches may require a professional to grind the surface to “remove’ the scratch. The area will then need to be protected with a gel or sealant.

How To Repair Broken Marble

A mixture of equal parts epoxy and marble dust in a matching color can be used to repair broken marble or fix a chip in the marble surface.

Beaufurn marble custom table tops are sold separately from their bases so you can easily replace a broken top if needed.

Marble table tops are perfect for use in café, restaurant, bistro, lounge, hotel, club, college, assisted living, and more. Beaufurn monitors each step of their marble table top production, from cutting, milling, smoothing, edge formation, polishing, packing, and shipping. We offer world-class marble at highly competitive prices.

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