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marble tabletops

How to Clean Marble Table Tops

Incorporating marble table tops into your design is an impressive way to add color and timeless elegance to an indoor or outdoor space. Marble never goes out of style, but it does need some care.

However, marble is a porous material so it should be treated with an anti-stain protectant. A daily cleaning using mild dish soap and a damp microfiber cloth will help keep marble beautiful.

Beaufurn, which manufactures marble table tops in a variety of sizes, colors, and edges, offers these additional tips on how to clean and protect marble table tops so they look great, year after year.

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designer outdoor furniture in Bistro style from Beaufurn

Outdoor Furniture Solutions for 2021 That Everyone Will Love

This new year promises innovative outdoor furniture design in an assortment of chairs, barstools, tables, and umbrellas that bring warmth, joy, versatility, sustainability, and overall optimism. Are you ready to move forward? Beaufurn is too!

We’ve listed a few noteworthy trends to look forward to this year. While designer outdoor furniture needs to be weather-resistant, it also needs to welcome guests to visit, stay, relax, and enjoy. These are the outdoor furniture solutions everyone will love.

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