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Outdoor Design Ideas to Expand Entertainment Space

Design firms know well the need to combine luxury and comfort to expand entertainment spaces outdoors and seamlessly blend the comforts of indoor living with outdoor hospitality venues.

This past year has convinced us to get outdoors more and to realize the benefit of creating outside venues. But what are some ways to expand an outside space? One of the most important outdoor design ideas will center around choosing durable furniture that enhances your outdoor space while also withstanding nature’s challenges.

Beaufurn has some amazing outdoor furniture designs to enhance modern verandas, decks, and other expanded, architecturally landscaped areas. Our designer outdoor chairs, barstools, and tables add style to outside venues nationwide. Our outdoor furnishings are easy to maintain, too, resisting mold, mildew, fading, and other challenges nature presents.

Here are the 4 main elements to focus on when designing expanded outdoor living spaces.

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designer outdoor furniture in Bistro style from Beaufurn

Outdoor Furniture Solutions for 2021 That Everyone Will Love

This new year promises innovative outdoor furniture design in an assortment of chairs, barstools, tables, and umbrellas that bring warmth, joy, versatility, sustainability, and overall optimism. Are you ready to move forward? Beaufurn is too!

We’ve listed a few noteworthy trends to look forward to this year. While designer outdoor furniture needs to be weather-resistant, it also needs to welcome guests to visit, stay, relax, and enjoy. These are the outdoor furniture solutions everyone will love.

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umbrellas with social distancing screens

Taking it Outside: Spaces Designed to Help Fight Infection

Society has become so aware of space and dimension since the coronavirus pandemic. The current environment has made impressive accommodations for a post-COVID world, knowing social distancing is a priority in preventing its spread.

Outdoor space is now a health asset. For the restaurant industry, it’s a silver lining to what has been an economic challenge. To college and universities, it may play a crucial role in their ability to provide safe space for the social connection so crucial to the college experience.

For all industries, outdoor space is gaining value.

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Design for Outdoor Social Distancing

While the nation begins to emerge post-COVID, the pandemic’s impact on the hospitality community is evident by its embrace of outdoor social distancing. The commercial design industry is focusing on providing safe customer environments in which outdoor social distancing plays a crucial role.

These outdoor spaces will need to comfort customers. Safety is not only achievable, but it can be stylish and welcoming as well. And while outdoor dining may provide a lifeline to those in the hospitality industry, allaying the fear of open-air transmission is a challenge. Beaufurn is ready to help you meet it.

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outdoor tables and chair that are easy to clean

Our Outdoor Furniture Products Can Help Create Safe, Healthy Customer Environments

Now more than ever, designers need to provide easy-to-clean outdoor spaces, so we are excited to provide bleachable outdoor seating options that help alleviate the risk of harmful pathogens as well as textiles suitable for outdoor use that are bleachable, antimicrobial, and fade-resistant.

Our outdoor chairs, barstools, and tables are stylish and durable yet meet the trending need for easy-cleaning concepts. From classic to modern, Beaufurn outdoor furnishings are weather-resistant and easy-to-clean. Our outdoor furnishings are made with 12-gauge aluminum, galvanized steel, commercial-grade polyamide, and injection-molding polypropylene. These materials offer moisture and permeation barrier properties ideal for designs that help keep consumers safe.

We’re spotlighting several of our “easy-to-clean” products ideal for infection control, but we encourage you to explore all our outdoor furniture options as well as our beautiful selection of umbrellas perfect for outdoor settings.

The Claire Table – Easily Sanitized

The Claire Table is available with tops in black, grey, or white colors. Frames are available in white, black, grey, green, and brown. These all-weather treated, easily sanitized tables conveniently stack for easy storage and are ideal for patios and other outdoor spaces. They pair especially well with our Adele armchair, creating a sleek yet inviting dining ensemble.

Adele Armchair- Hygienic

How hygienic are the chairs in your venue? Our Adele outdoor armchair is made with a technopolymer bi-material frame with mesh seat and back, all easily cleaned and durable. These can be used in all weather conditions and are stackable for easy storage and easy setup. With consumer safety in mind, these chairs can be easily sanitized using soap and water, or even a bleach solution. But here’s the fun part: the Adele armchair comes in subdued, calming colors like white, light grey, sand, and sage, but also in a cheerful blue and brilliant red to easily add a mood to your outdoor design.

easy to clean barstool

These chairs are well-designed for outdoor use in café, restaurant, bistro, hotel, club, or university settings

Ilsa barstool – Bacteria-Resistant

Made of polypropylene to withstand multiple cleanings with disinfectant, the Ilsa barstool is a modern and clean design, available in heights of 25 inches or 30 inches. Design an outdoor entertainment area that offers comfort and beauty, and can be easily sanitized after use. The Ilsa barstool can be compactly stored in stacks of up to six.

Kali side chair – Style and Safety

The open and airy silhouette of our Kali side chair belies its ability to withstand bleach and other pathogen-fighting cleansers. Suitable for outdoor and indoor use, the Kali adds style and comfort to outdoor dining areas. The Kali Collection is available in various frame/seat color combinations.

Its perforated back is formed from technopolymer, which is bleachable and easily sanitized.

Iris SA 103 – Easily Cleaned

Because our stackable chair options are such a popular choice for outdoor venues, we’re proud to offer the Iris SA 103, a colorful yet elegant seating option. It’s another outdoor side chair that withstands multiple cleansings with pathogen-fighting detergents as well as bleach. Choose from 12 pleasing colors.

The Iris SA 103 is also ergonomically formed for ultimate comfort in outdoor seating.

The open and airy silhouette of our Kali side chair belies its ability to withstand bleach and other pathogen-fighting cleansers. Suitable for outdoor and indoor use, the Kali adds style and comfort to outdoor dining areas. The Kali Collection is available in various frame/seat color combinations.

It’s perforated back is formed from technopolymer, which is bleachable and easily sanitized.

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