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Outdoor Design Ideas to Expand Entertainment Space

Design firms know well the need to combine luxury and comfort to expand entertainment spaces outdoors and seamlessly blend the comforts of indoor living with outdoor hospitality venues.

This past year has convinced us to get outdoors more and to realize the benefit of creating outside venues. But what are some ways to expand an outside space? One of the most important outdoor design ideas will center around choosing durable furniture that enhances your outdoor space while also withstanding nature’s challenges.

Beaufurn has some amazing outdoor furniture designs to enhance modern verandas, decks, and other expanded, architecturally landscaped areas. Our designer outdoor chairs, barstools, and tables add style to outside venues nationwide. Our outdoor furnishings are easy to maintain, too, resisting mold, mildew, fading, and other challenges nature presents.

Here are the 4 main elements to focus on when designing expanded outdoor living spaces.

Elements of Beautiful Outdoor Living

Many things can elevate an outdoor living area and make it memorable above others. Here are some inspired ideas to create expanded space at your venue:

  1. Lightscaping – soft yet sufficient lighting, strategically placed in your outdoor setting, can create a memorable ambiance that invites guests to stay and enjoy themselves. Use attractive lighting to establish and safely illuminate the boundaries of your outdoor space and to clearly mark paths. Turn the outdoors into a whole new “room” using planned lighting. One simple way to use lighting outdoors is to add it to a patio umbrella.  Our award-winning commercial umbrellas are perfect for restaurants, markets, poolside areas, decks, and patios. Our P6 All Weather Umbrellas come with many options, including LED lighting.
outdoor umbrella for designed spaces
  • Contemporary Outdoor Furniture – cozy seating areas, spa-like lounge areas, or large capacity outdoor settings can stand out with the right choice in furnishings. You want outdoor furnishings that can be easily cleaned, stored, rearranged, and are comfortable.
Queue outdoor mega bench for designed outdoor spaces

Want an “old world” feel with a contemporary twist? Create a Bistro Setting.  For spaces with covered areas, Beaufurn’s French Bistro® chairs create private gathering areas perfect for outdoor bars, patios, secluded nooks, and lounge areas. Yet, bistro sets are also attractive when used in large outdoor dining venues with the intent to offer intimate dining experiences.

French Bistro by Beaufurn, for spaces designed for outdoors
  • Unique Hardscaping – Extend your living and outdoor entertainment space with transforming hardscape, such as herringbone-patterned pavers, cabanas, and gazebos. Install rustic or modern fire pits, outdoor grilling stations, and upscale bar areas. Water fountains and ponds are enchanting outdoor embellishments to consider as well. Shelter Outdoor, featured in Landscape Architect, has many contemporary pergolas and patio coverings to expand outdoor space into well-designed living areas
outdoor bar area with Beaufurn barstools and Shelter Outdoor pergola
  • Beautiful Landscaping – raised garden beds, elegant grasses, groupings of brilliant flora, and impressive container plants can add a living visual impact to your outdoor setting and complement furnishings and other design elements that help expand space for entertaining and other uses. Purposeful plants and containers don’t need to be expansive; they just need to be attractive. Our outdoor furniture designs reflect Italian, French, and Belgian influences with novel shapes and colors that enhance any landscape.
outside seating with landscaping

We have decades of experience working with designers to create inviting, stylish yet functional outdoor living spaces. Contact us to learn more about our outdoor design furniture.