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How To Clean Wood Veneer And Laminate Commercial Tabletops

Commercial furniture for restaurants, hotels, college lounges, and other industries in modern designs needs to be durable and customizable. While many designers choose Beaufurn marble and granite Urban Table Tops to furnish indoor and outdoor venues, our wood veneer and laminate commercial-use tables are also quite popular and durable.

While all these materials are durable for indoor and outdoor use, wood veneer and laminate tops are nonporous and tend to stain less easily. Also, wood veneer and laminate typically cost less than natural wood and stone tabletops.

We already provided tips on how to clean natural stone tabletops. So, how do you clean wood veneer and laminate? These surfaces should be wiped with a clean, lint-free cloth using only non-abrasive and non-acidic cleaning solutions.  Any stains or water rings should be wiped up immediately to protect the surface from marring or discoloring.

Can I Use Mineral Spirits to Clean Wood Veneer or Laminate?

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Mineral spirits should not be used on wood veneer nor laminate. We always recommend wiping your tabletops with a mild soap mixed with warm water and a properly mixed sanitizing solution, using a lint-free cloth. Acidic and abrasive cleaning solutions can damage the finish of commercial tabletops.

If there is a particularly stubborn stain such as paint or market, however, mineral spirits may be used sparingly. Test a very small area using a small amount of mineral spirit on a clean, damp cloth and wipe the area. Study closely to look for any discoloration. Remove any residue that remains.

How to Remove Gum or Sticky Spot from Wood Veneer Surfaces or a Laminate Tabletop?

Those who design for hospitality and facility spaces likely know the potential mistreatment furniture must endure. Old chewing gum and residue seem inevitable issues.

To remove sticky substances from a wood veneer or laminate tabletop, it’s best to try to freeze the substance with ice. Use a plastic bag filled with ice cubes and place it on the sticky substance. Once it’s hardened (frozen), carefully use a blade to remove the gum from the surface. 

Repeat until you have removed all solids. Wipe away any remaining residue using a mild soap mixed with warm water. Always use a microfiber cloth or clean, lint-free cloth.

Durable Commercial Table Varieties

Beaufurn indoor and outdoor tables come complete or separately as tabletop and base so you can custom design the combination the best suits your venue space. Beaufurn tables add a contemporary look to any outdoor seating area, bar, restaurant, or coffee shop. Our popular occasional tables are perfect for professional settings. Contact us to learn more about our durable, one-of-a-kind tabletops that are perfect for your next design project.