Nature-Inspired Interior Spaces

Designing Nature-Inspired Interior Spaces with Beaufurn

When creating themed interior commercial space there are countless classic styles and themes to choose from. The proper choice will depend on the objective of the designer and the intended purpose of the proposed space. Some of the most powerful and emotionally resonant scenes can be found in nature, which offers endless organic style elements for translation and emulation in an interior setting. At Beaufurn our goal is to provide our clients with a wide variety of options for creatively decorating their commercial spaces. If nature is your inspiration, Beaufurn stands ready to help furnish your nature-inspired interior spaces.

Creativity and imagination are key. Through the wide assortment of shapes, styles, colors, and textures of our products, Beaufurn can help you select the right combination of furniture to evoke many subtle but powerful elements found in nature, allowing you to create effortlessly beautiful nature-inspired spaces that refresh and relax all who visit.

Seamlessly Blending Indoor and Outdoor

Beaufurn provides not only a wide array of creative options for indoor or outdoor settings, but also for liminal spaces where the two blend together— porches and patios, indoor/outdoor café and restaurant seating, or rooftop verandas and terraces. Our outdoor furniture selections are ideal to do double duty in areas where exterior nature meets interior design, and where they overlap. Environmental design tends to be immersive and holistic. It is much more effective if it encompasses every element in the themed space – vertical height and spatial framing (walls, dividers), horizontal space (ceiling height), light and shadow (ambient lighting), and the use of visual texture. These elements can be knit together to create the overall impression either that one has brought the outdoors inside, or that plainly artificial and manmade objects have adopted the same visual shapes as certain natural objects, transposing that outdoor mood into an interior space.

Finding Inspiration in Nature

Looking at the examples of notable sites and panoramas from national parks, nature scenes, or famous natural landmarks that embody the theme you seek to emulate can serve as a great starting point for your color and textural palette. For example, the Grand Canyon is full of reds, oranges, and yellows. Zion National Park has a lot of tan and light green hues. And Yosemite National Park is full of different shades of green. Forest and jungle foliage present different textures than stone or earthen structures. The desert is its own vista of unique scenes, colors, and content. There are many options available for nature-inspired interior spaces.

Identify the natural environment or atmospheric features that you seek to emulate. You can then strategically combine available immersive aids (lighting, sound, room height and breadth, proximity to exterior openings such as doors, windows, or skylights) with creatively arranged furniture combinations to invoke the same sense-impressions that suggest your chosen outdoor area theme.

Selecting Your Color Palette

Choose colors that match or go well with your favored natural theme and apply them to brighten up the room. A nature-inspired space will call for earth tones like green, brown, and tan. Blues and grays naturally suggest water or the ocean, lending the room a more calming feel. If you want to add a bright pop of color and your theme supports it, consider using highly saturated accent colors, reminiscent of flowers or other bright and vivid natural features.

Choose Furniture that Evokes Natural Forms

One of the best ways to bring nature into your home is by using outdoor furniture indoors. From our own collection, we offer a variety of sturdy and stylish outdoor furniture that will blend into your home while giving a laidback, outdoor feel.

Artfully designed furniture needs not to be specifically built only of natural materials in order to invoke the impression or overall suggestion of it being a natural object. It can do that with shape, color, and surface texture. Framed properly in combination with other elements, what might otherwise be overlooked as an unassuming artificial chair or barstool can take on an entirely new guise by suggesting the shape and underlying form of something formed in nature.

Suggestions From Our Catalog

If you’re looking for furniture with a general outdoor feel, the Degas Armchair is handcrafted from Manau in a beautiful woven rattan style. Reminiscent of vintage patio furniture styles common to exotic overseas locales, this line will give the air of having come right from the great outdoors.

nature-inspired interior spaces
Degas Chairs

A similar option ideal for mixing and matching in a plant-laden indoor garden setting is our Monet Armchair. With a frame artfully handmade of the highest quality Manau, this armchair unabashedly recreates old-world comfort and romance. Easily stackable for storage (up to four per stack), it’s weather resistant enough for indoor/outdoor use if kept under cover. Perfect for your terrace and restaurant or any exotic outdoor locale you might imagine.

nature-inspired interior spaces
Monet Chairs

Similar in style is our entire French Bistro line, which features the same classic woven look of traditional old-world late-British Colonial style. With its many distinctive chairs, settees, and tables styled in colors and materials to suggest the natural elements you might find in a garden setting, or an exotic cafe – either as elements of nature, or as found cargo objects in an overgrown jungled tropical or safari environment.

nature-inspired interior spaces
From Beaufurn’s Bistro Line

Since so much of our French Bistro furniture is built to withstand the elements, it will hold up even longer indoors. If you’re interested in finding outdoor furniture that is suited to your nature-themed indoor space, you can browse our large catalog of outdoor and multipurpose furniture here.

Other nature-friendly options include our Star Armchair, with an intriguingly organic design. The Star Armchair might be staged to subtly invoke woven vines, as in nature, and comes in a range of colors including natural greens, browns, and yellow… perfect choices for a creative designer to further invoke the colors of nature.

Star Armchair

Our Groovy Stacking Chair is similarly organic in design, invoking as it does the woven tracery and geometry of growing things. The choice of color can also evoke differing impressions of the piece when used in tandem with other elements — the orange is quite bold and brash, reminiscent of bright tropical wood and fruit tones, whereas the transparent version of the chair could subtly suggest water or perhaps ice.

Another selection of items ideal for inclusion in a nature-based room theme is our Lilith line of chairs, especially the Lilith Lounge chair, which expresses an inherently organic shape through its seemingly delicate framework, like that of woven saplings or of a web. In natural colors and fitted with cushions using a nature print fabric of your choice, these chairs can very much invoke a thing of nature.  

Lilith Lounge Chair

Our Angel Stacking Chair, a low-slung, subtly-organic shaped product available in a variety of colors. The Angel Stacking Chair would be ideal for creating a less angular, more casually evocative nature-based dining or lounge area.

Unit seating is another creative way to suggest the elements of a natural outdoor environment. For instance, consider our Queue Outdoor Mega Bench – depending on its color or surroundings it might be easily staged to give the impression of a stone or earthen object, slate black or moss green.

Queue Outdoor Mega Bench
Queue Outdoor Mega Bench

The entire Queue line of Beaufurn pit group pieces incorporates fanciful and unpredictable shapes that might also offer an excellent opportunity to devise nature-styled combination seating options that emulate the natural forms found around a fire circle or in stone tier seating. These might be easily tasked to create targeted, focused conversation areas with a distinctly outdoor flair.

The Queue Campfire set is an obvious choice.

Queue Campfire set

These suggestions are just a few of Beaufurn’s offerings, any of which could be strategically employed to create a nature-based theme for viewer and users alike.

Final Touches for Your Nature-Inspired Interior Spaces

Incorporating different textures into your design will give your space more depth and interest. Try using rugs, wall hangings, and room dividers to add specific textures to the room. You can also choose furniture pieces and sets of various materials, patterns, and textures, mixing and matching modular pieces and those with more organic shapes, for a more natural look. The Rumi SI 4 Side Chair is another great choice for anyone looking for more organic shapes in their nature-inspired space.

Adding Plants and Flowers

Don’t forget about plants! They’re a great way to add some life (and texture) to any space. Especially in a nature-inspired room, having plants is an excellent option. Just be sure to choose plants that evoke the natural atmosphere. Also be sure they are appropriate for the amount of light in their planned environment and are hardy enough to thrive in their new location.

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If you have any questions about designing your next interior or exterior space with a nature-inspired feel, don’t hesitate to contact us. We carry a superior line of beautiful, stylish, and functional commercial furniture perfect for any business or casual setting. If you have a great natural interior design that needs the perfect furnishings to bring it to life, our catalog has what you need. Happy designing!