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Great Design Solutions for Booth Seating in Restaurants

Booth seating in restaurants creates a sense of intimacy among groups of families or friends who gather to dine. This sense of togetherness can encourage your restaurant patrons to linger, not only enjoying each other’s company for longer but also consuming more.

Additionally, booth seating helps the consumer feel isolated from the hustle and bustle of a restaurant environment, avoiding what might be a stressful experience for some. Booths protect patrons from much of the noise as well.

Lastly, corner seating with booths makes use of otherwise cumbersome space and makes it suitable for customers to enjoy. Read further for corner seating tips and options.

What Are Restaurant Booths Made Of?

Typically, restaurant booths are made of commercial-grade upholstery, laminate, or wood. Also, one booth style can combine these materials for visual intrigue.

For instance, Beaufurn’s Wilmington Booth Series features a fully upholstered cushion with a wood booth frame. It comes in various wood finishes. This stately booth is perfect for use in restaurants, bistro, lounge, hotel, club, or in college cafeterias and lounge areas in need of corner seating areas.

The contemporary design of our Elyse Round Modular Booth is available with a low or high back and in various widths. Made entirely in our hometown Advance N.C., the Elyse is available in a range of fabric options and a black ABS base (an opaque thermoplastic).

Our Single Side Custom Booth is the classic vintage style booth, combining a fabric back with upholstered bench seating that easily complements various booth table styles.

We offer a variety of standard commercial-grade booths, but if you need custom restaurant booth seating, simply provide us with the specs needed and we will modify our standard booths to accommodate your needs.

How to Choose Restaurant Seating Booths

Choose booth seating that is comfortable and constructed using durable materials that can withstand frequent cleaning and commercial use. The fabrics should be stain-resistant and colorfast.

Booth seating that can be customized to your specifications and easily assembled is ideal. Consider placing booth seating by a large window so guests can enjoy the outdoors while indoors. Make sure the colors, style, and silhouette of the booth complement the table style.

Designed nooks inside architectural niches to enhance the customer’s sense of dining in privacy and choose booth widths that make the most of these small spaces.

Neutral colors are foolproof and can stand the test of time, but if your venue needs to create a more contemporary vibe, go for more brilliant hues and lean toward exciting fabrics. Beaufurn offers a comprehensive program of graded-in fabrics including woven, vinyl, and more from the industry’s leading fabric suppliers. If you need help choosing the best materials and styles for your venue’s booth seating, we welcome you to contact us to get started.