new furniture design of sofa by beaufurn

Beaufurn Looks Back at This Year’s New Furniture Designs

The design industry faced a challenging year, but not one without optimism and certainly not one lacking in great commercial furniture offerings. In retrospect, the new furniture products in Beaufurn’s 2020 lineup fit perfectly with key trends in the furniture industry, including designs that are eco-friendly, flexible, playful, and bold.

Of course, sustainability has always been part of our design process, and one we will continue to embrace in the future. We incorporate sustainable practices company-wide and utilize eco-friendly materials in the production of our products.

With the year ending, we are offering a retrospective on the new furniture products Beaufurn created in 2020 that were not just trendy, but beautiful and classic products that appeal to numerous audiences. Italian, French, and Belgian influence is evident in our clean lines, novel shapes, and varied color palate.

From our side chairs and barstool to our lounge chairs, our new furniture in 2020 will likely continue in popularity for years to come.

Flexible Furniture Design

Flexibility was and is paramount in today’s furniture design when social distancing is still an important factor in conceptualizing interior and exterior spaces.

This year, great furniture designs provided comfortable, stylish seating inside and outside as the hospitality industry increased capacity, expanding accommodations along sidewalks and closed streets.

Beaufurn introduced the following new furniture products in 2020:

  • Oar Lounge, Armchair, and Side Chair – the perfect update to your contemporary office, these chairs are contemporary offerings inspired by the historic Adirondack chair. Customize your Oar Collection chair with wood finish options and fabrics, including a COM option.
  • Aura Swivel Lounge Chair – the modern, circular silhouette also signals its functionality: a round wooden base enables you to rotate full-circle while seated in ample cushioning.
  • El Presidente, recently renamed Monticello – Our Monticello barstool is the ultimate in sophisticated yet comfortable, raised seating perfect for bars
  • Bello Bar and Chair – our new Bello barstool and side chair epitomize elegance through simplicity. Tapered, sturdy wooden frames support slightly curved cushioning and gently cradling back. Available in various wood finishes and upholstery options.
  • Elle Bar and Chair
  • Jewel Sofa – elegant fun! Our new sofa has gentle curves and ample cushioning for comfortable seating that adds visual interest to any living area.
  • Elyse Round – this new addition to our Elyse modular seating system offers a contemporary twist on the nostalgic 1920s with rounded cushioning for a bit of drama. Low or tall back panels can be easily installed.
  • Rumi Collection – Our Rumi Collection introduced contemporary curves to embolden your space. Barstool, side chair variations that combine beautiful wooden seating with graceful metal legs.
  • Serene Outdoor Lounge Collection – Enjoy the flexibility of this outdoor seating that can configured in single-seat, 2-seat, or 3-seat arrangements with corner units. Powder-coated metal framing and graded-in outdoor acrylic fabric cushions makes it ideal for outdoor longevity.
  • Monterey Bench – this striking bench is perfect for indoor or outdoor seating, wherever you want to make a statement of sophistication.
  • Babar Lounge Chair – remember the fun of saucer seating and moon chairs? Our Babar Lounge Chair lets you still enjoy them but with a more professional, classy silhouette. Gentle contours cradle you in comfort atop a sturdy metal frame.
  • Queue Collection Pie Table – Form and function combine fantastically in this addition to our Queue Collection. Beaufurn Pie Tables are designed to work with the Queue line of modular seating and can serve as charging stations. It’s a perfect addition to lounge seating.
  • Queue Outdoor Collection, Outdoor Mega Bench – With Queue Outdoor, the options are limitless. Enjoy privacy while maintaining safe social distancing in comfortable outdoor seating. The Queue Outdoor Mega Bench, upon conception, had social distancing in mind.  This new bench is large enough to keep patrons spaced apart and ample enough to accommodate many people, if needed.  Outdoor lounge seating is possible on both sides, as you can see from the BDNY virtual show.
  • P6 Umbrella Partition – The new P6 Umbrella Partitions help allay customer fears during the pandemic with attractive dividers for outdoor dining. Additionally, the new Beaufurn P6 Saule Umbrellas created stylish outdoor shelter while allowing more space underneath for seating. Their cantilever design makes them so easy to open and close.
  • Nemo Air Collection – The chair, barstool, and armchair in our Nemo Air Collection provide comfort and function that are perfect for outdoor areas.

Our French Bistro® chairs were among this year’s best-selling furniture products and we are not surprised. Beautifully made of Malacca cane for indoor/outdoor use, the French Bistro chairs welcome customers to dine in elegant comfort under the canopies of many restaurants. Their heavy-duty nylon provides ease in care and, when not in use, their stackable design provides ease in storage.

Meanwhile, our Urban tops offered attractive solutions during the pandemic both inside and outside.   

Playful & Bold Furniture Products

The Beaufurn Angel Chair in bright yellow is a popular 2020 design, geometrically formed to offer abundant comfort and stability. Its brilliant color and cheerful silhouette are a bold welcome in outdoor seating.

Our Queue Collection epitomizes playful, bold design and is among the favorite new product lines of 2020. It not only provides designers with unlimited flexibility in configuration but also in appearance. Use your own custom design or combine our standard shapes. With Queue, customized seating is playful, sturdy, and easy to arrange and maintain.

Trendy Barstools in 2020

Architectural Digest predicted barstools among expected furniture trends for 2020 and Beaufurn did not disappoint.  The El Presidente (Monticello), Bello, Nemo, Juliet, Rumi, and Elle Collections all feature barstools of commercial and hospital quality.

The open, unrestrictive design of the Monticello, and many of our barstools, is on target with forecasted trends in meeting the needs of “larger-size” consumers seeking comfort in contemporary hospitality furnishings.

With tapered wooden legs and a gently curved back, the best-selling Bloom Barstool recalls a time when life was less complicated. We believe that is one reason this new product enjoyed popularity in 2020. While we designed its legs with solid metal, wooden sleeves cover the metal leg construction, which can be finished in any of our standard wood finishes and fully upholstered upper. Its nostalgic silhouette combined with contemporary solidity makes it an ideal choice for restaurant bar seating.

Home Office Design

Many designers prefer our new lounge chair products, including those featured in our Perla Collection, as well as the Babar Lounge and the Oar Lounge. These chairs are best-sellers among recently introduced products.

The Oar Lounge chair is especially perfect for any work office or lounge setting where comfort is desired.  Whether in-home office, healthcare lobby, or guest room, Beaufurn lounge chair products fit everywhere. And with multiple options in wood finish and upholstery, they can be customized for whatever mood you hope your space imbues.

Browse 2020’s New Products

As we look back at 2020, we realize that, although challenged by changes in industry environments, those challenges inspire great design. We met forecasted furniture trends by conceptualizing designs that met the demands of the industries we served.

We invite you to browse all the new furniture products we introduced this year. That our new furniture products also fit trending styles perhaps lies in the fact that Beaufurn offers, and will always offer, Designs that Fit.