Abie Loua 9S Lounge Sofa

Make a statement in corporate offices, hotel rooms or waiting areas with the Loua 9S custom upholstered lounge chair. It has immediate appeal and works well in a variety of settings. A variety of fabric colors and wood finishes can be combined for a truly unique look. A matching Chair (Loua 9) is also available.

Abie Loua 9S Lounge Sofa

  • Dimensions

    W: 58.25"

    D: 30.5"

    H: 33"

    SH: 18.5"

    AH: 27"

  • Specifications

    WEIGHT (LB): 135
    INDUSTRY: Lounge
    USAGE: Indoor
    PURPOSES: Assisted Living | Banquet | Hospitality | Institutional | Lobby | Lounge | Office | University

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