Beaufurn: A History, An Evolution

1996 was a turning point for Beautiful Furniture Co. and its founder, Bill Bongaerts. What started as a booming business in Connecticut was suddenly turned topsy-turvy when a weekend fire demolished the company’s original home. When faced with the decision to rebuild, Bill chose a new route: create Beaufurn, LLC.

What’s New?

In choosing how to relaunch Beautiful Furniture Co. in 1998, Bill decided to refocus his efforts into beautiful, timeless commercial furniture rather than the finicky and ever-changing residential furniture market. Now, over 20 years later, Beaufurn is an industry tycoon, furnishing business such as Verizon Wireless storefronts, Cheesecake Factory restaurants, Marriott Hotels, and even Disney.

There are two prevailing factors in Beaufurn’s success: style and quality. A busy restaurant can put cheap, poorly made furniture through the ringer in no time at all, causing problems for owners and managers trying to maintain a tight budget. Beaufurn’s high-quality furniture will last years longer than the competition’s.

“Yes” Man    

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One of the most important aspects of Beaufurn’s rise to the top is Bill’s attitude toward customer interaction. Strong interpersonal skills are crucial for a successful business, and Bill is the steadfast face of his company. Rarely turning down a business deal, Beaufurn is always ready to turn out beautiful, quality products for each and every customer we meet.

Bill passed his confidence and service-driven attitude to his son Thomas, who took over the CEO position and is deploying his vision for the company – one satisfied customer at a time. Thomas’s youthful innovations are driving Beaufurn in a brand-new direction while still maintaining the quality that longtime customers have come to know and love.

When Beaufurn makes a business commitment, his top priority is the customer at hand. In a B2B world, each of our clients is directly linked to hundreds, even thousands of customers per week. This means that our product must be beautiful and durable for the world to see. 

Where To?

Beaufurn has seen nothing but an upward trajectory since its conception in 1998, and our customers are the reason for our success. Over the past year, Beaufurn has taken even more strides into the future with a new web site and expanded furniture lines to cater to an even broader range of clients.

The key to success of a great client base, and Beaufurn has just that. We are proud of our history as a company and look forward to growing and evolving with our customers; our experience behind us carries us through to the next generation of fine bar and restaurant furniture. We encourage you to contact us today to get started in your next great business venture. We look forward to hearing from you!