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Earth Day & Beyond: Embrace a Sustainable Approach to Design

Around the world, people and industries celebrate Earth Day in support of environmental protection. Going “green” for a day is commendable, but we believe green all year is best.

We want to be first in mind for clients who seek furnishings well-suited for their green building designs. Beaufurn product lines fit the need of designers who prioritize sustainability not only in their choice of building materials but in the entirety of their designs – following LEED standards with a vision to contribute to more sustainable lives, indoors and outdoors, worldwide.

Embrace Earth Day and every day with beautiful design that considers the following at its conception.

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Beaufurn: A History, An Evolution

1996 was a turning point for Beautiful Furniture Co. and its founder, Bill Bongaerts. What started as a booming business in Connecticut was suddenly turned topsy-turvy when a weekend fire demolished the company’s original home. When faced with the decision to rebuild, Bill chose a new route: create Beaufurn, LLC.

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Beaufurn Reimagined – From 1998 to 2020 and Beyond

Since 1998, Beaufurn has been a well-known name in the hospitality furniture industry. Starting humbly with classic French Bistro® chairs, we’ve expanded our line to include tables, table tops, lounge furniture, and umbrellas for both indoor and outdoor environments. Needless to say, we’ve come a long way – but there’s even more to come!

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