Earth Day & Beyond: Embrace a Sustainable Approach to Design

Around the world, people and industries celebrate Earth Day in support of environmental protection. Going “green” for a day is commendable, but we believe green all year is best.

We want to be first in mind for clients who seek furnishings well-suited for their green building designs. Beaufurn product lines fit the need of designers who prioritize sustainability not only in their choice of building materials but in the entirety of their designs – following LEED standards with a vision to contribute to more sustainable lives, indoors and outdoors, worldwide.

Embrace Earth Day and every day with beautiful design that considers the following at its conception.

Water-Based Glues | Look for the Greenguard tag

Furniture made with water-based adhesives that are Greenguard-certified are eco-friendly, meeting strict guidelines for air quality for improved public health and quality of life. Water-based glues should be used to adhere flexible polyurethane foam, latex foam fabric, polyester fiberfill, wood, plywood, particleboard and many plastic and metal surfaces.

The Greenguard Environmental Institute (GEI) certification helps convey a commitment to ensuring indoor furniture is not only beautifully designed but also tested for non-emission of more than 10,000 individual volatile organic compounds, or VOCs.

Water-Based Lacquers

Earth Day image of water based glues

Water-based wood finishes can offer the same natural amber appearance of solvent-based lacquers, yet they are green-certified. With a water-based lacquer, the wood’s natural beauty shines through while it gains durability and chemical resistance. The protective finish enables wood to be easily cleaned and sanitized.

For instance, Magnamax H2O is a pre-catalyzed waterborne polyurethane that meets the Architectural Woodwork Institute (AWI) finishing standard System 11 for chemical and moisture resistance and has met or exceeded quality standards for print resistance, temperature variations, adherence to substrates, and more.

Earth-Friendly Fabrics

To outfit indoor and outdoor spaces, choose furniture designs that use biodegradable materials with finishes that provide antimicrobial protection and durability. Consider upholstery selections such as biodegradable synthetic leather, recycled fabric, or 100 percent natural and renewable cork fabric. Again, look for fabrics that have earned Greenguard certification.

Avoiding the Landfill

Green design will keep durability and quality in mind, even if that means choosing furniture that is initially more expensive. In the long run, furniture that does not need to be replaced avoids the landfill instead of depleting landfill capacity.

People of the Earth

Earth Day and water based finishes

Products made domestically leave a smaller carbon footprint in logistics alone and their demand provides meaningful employment. Community-focused business practices enhance the quality of life and also promotes a devoted, experienced, skilled workforce. Choose suppliers that keep these in mind as part of their business processes.

Beyond Earth Day

Earth Day should be celebrated, yet sustainable design celebrates the earth year-round. It can have a positive impact for years to come. When it comes to our planet, a raised conscious regarding our precious resources and a healthy environment is always in style.