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What Is Modular Furniture Design?

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Modular furniture design is an ideal concept because of its flexibility. Modular furniture design works with small spaces as well as large areas. Singular units of furniture, such as lounges, couches, chairs, tables, etc., work cohesively yet can be rearranged to suit varying needs and space.

Popular Beaufurn modular furniture lines are suitable for several industries, providing attractive and durable modular units to colleges, restaurants, hospitality venues, and more. Designers appreciate the endless seating configurations made possible with modular systems such as our Queue lounge system and our Camille modular furniture designs.

Where Did the Concept of Modular Furniture Originate?

Some people credit Harvey Probber, an American furniture designer, with inventing modular seating in the 1940s. Others credit Fritz Haller and Paul Schaerer with designing the first modular furniture, built around the system of steel modules used to construct a factory and office pavilion in 1963.

No matter the origin, the recent coronavirus pandemic brought the benefits of modular furniture to the forefront as flexibility in layout became a priority.

What is Modular Office Furniture?

Modular office furniture is just any set of furnishings that can be suited to fit the needs of an office with the flexibility of suiting the needs of a changing office floorplan or space. As staffs return to their offices (or vacillate between remote work and in-office work), modular furnishings enable architects and designers to create segmented areas for large-staff meetings as well as smaller seating areas, without the need to change the traditional construction of buildings.

The flexibility that modular furniture offers is among the 5 Design Trends for 2021.

What Are Some Examples of Modular Furniture?

The Beaufurn Moda and Camille modular furniture systems are ideal for healthcare and hospitality spaces, as well as professional conference rooms and lobbies. The Queue collection is a more playful, modern modular system ideal for colleges, clubs, and community centers.

Browse the Beaufurn modular systems to find a modular furniture system to suit your project.

What’s the Best Way to Configure It?

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One of the biggest benefits of using modular furniture (for interior or exterior design) is that it’s perfect for small spaces and large spaces. Because it can be easily rearranged, you can furnish small, intimate spaces and then quickly move the furniture to fill an expansive floor plan.

Beaufurn modular furniture is stylish, comfortable, and durable. We’re confident it’s going to pair well with your imagination!

Our experienced sales staff, located throughout the U.S., can help find the perfect modular furnishings for your project and can discuss ideal configurations. We also provide furniture CAD files and a 3D configurator to help you visualize a chair in fabrics and finishes of your choice.