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Booth Seating

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Enhance the atmosphere of any lounge or restaurant with innovative booth seating from Beaufurn. From classic seating to luxury custom designs, all of our booths are made in the U.S.A. and backed by Beaufurn’s commitment to quality, style and customer service. We offer a variety of standard classical style booths, but if you need a custom creation, simply provide the specs required, and we will modify our standard booths to accommodate your needs

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Beaufurn offers a wide variety of booth seating for all occasions. Choose from modular designs, or standard. Our booth seating is adaptable for all seating and room configurations. Select from classic or modern styles, materials and colors. We offer a multitude of sizes and finishes as well as fully customizable booth seating options. Create wall seating around a perimeter, section off a VIP area, or simply establish private eating areas with our easy to install booth seating. Arrange your booth seating to fit your space without wasting an inch.


Versatile, flexible, functional community seating in a variety of styles and sizes. We are committed to providing the best in booth seating which means ultimate versatility and unlimited configuration ability for your space. Beaufurn understands that the booth seating you select has a direct impact on the experience you offer your guests and clients. We make it easy to customize your booth seating in any restaurant, lobby, meeting room, waiting room, lounge or otherwise. We provide a variety of heights, lengths and depths depending on the atmosphere you desire.


There are many popular applications and uses for booth seating in a variety of industries. While there are no limitations to how and where you can use booth seating, here are some of the most common applications we see clients utilize it for:

  • Restaurants
  • Theaters
  • Cafe
  • Lounges
  • Lobbies
  • High End Offices
  • Co-Work Spaces


Booth seating was originally designed to provide privacy, and save space and money. While these are still benefits people appreciate, comfort and style has taken priority as the main reason business owners opt for booth seating. Whether you want a more classic style booth, or a modern attention grabbing booth, Beaufurn has styles to fit any occasion. Common styles of booth seating include:

  • Classic: When you want a clean, simple design that will fit into any situation and last for years, select a classic/traditional booth style. Think diners, mid-scale restaurants and family style hotels. We customize your classic booths to match your color scheme and sizing needs.
  • Modern: Modern style booth seating is great for restaurants and seating environments that encourage socializing and community. When you select modern style booth seating, you will be able to go a bit more wild with your colors, and offer more comfort than classic model seating.
  • Luxury: Luxury booth seating is usually what you will find in high end restaurants, night clubs, theaters and lounges. Luxury booth seating comes in high end finishes like leather, suede and quality wood that are better for a more mature crowd that values privacy and exclusivity.

Beaufurn’s booth seating will take your customer’s experience to the next level. Give guests something to talk about beyond the great food, entertainment or service you provide. Show them you care by providing comfortable, stylish and inviting booth seating that enhances your overall branding and company mission. Let our team of specialists help you decide which booth seating is right for your space. Call us at (888) 766-7706 or contact us online to get started today!


When it comes to selecting the size of your booth seating, there are several factors to consider. Do you want to create ultimate privacy between patrons? Would you prefer a more open environment that encourages community? Deciding on the overall purpose and atmosphere first, will make it easy to figure out what height, length and depth you want your booth seating to be. Sizing options include:

  • Height: The height you select for your booth seating has everything to do with the amount of privacy and sound control you wish to create. Higher back booth seating allows more separation between each seating area and guest (usually more upscale environments). Lower back seating creates a more casual and community type environment. Sound carries more with lower backs, and overall visibility increases.
  • Length: The length of booth seating you select has a lot to do with your typical client base. Do you often have large parties that need to fit 8-10 people per booth? Or, do you prefer to keep it more intimate with tables only seating 2-4? You can select booth lengths that will seat anywhere from 2-6 people, or customize your own for long walls of seating in large community spaces.
  • Depth: The depth of your booth seating can be correlated with the length of time you want your customers to stay. A deeper seat signals the customers to get comfortable and stay longer. A shorter seat depth signals that the customers should eat, drink, and go. Of course you want to provide comfortable seating no matter how long they stay, but selecting the right booth seat depth can make a big difference in the message you send, and your turnaround times.