About Us

Our Story and Our History

The cafes of Paris inspired furniture executive and entrepreneur Bill Bongaerts to create a business dedicated to supplying the hospitality industry. Upon seeing the hand-woven bistro chairs that dotted every corner establishment Bongaerts had a feeling they would sell well in the U.S. And he was right. Beaufurn began in 1998 and its first product those French hand-woven bistro chairs proved wildly successful, and sustained the company through its first years of business.

Once firmly established, product lines grew to include tables, lounge furniture and umbrellas for both indoor and outdoor environments. And the company’s market segments expanded into contract, education and entertainment. Commercial furnishings may translate as ordinary to some, but Beaufurns products are anything but. Significant Italian, French and Belgian influence is evident clean lines novel shapes and pops of color dominate the design palate.

Environmentally Responsible

While a commitment to dynamic design is foremost, a promise of environmental responsibility isn’t far behind. The company is committed to producing sustainable designs through its practices, processes and materials. Woods are FSC certified, foams are soy-based and finish options include water-based lacquers. Upholstery selections include biodegradable synthetic leather, recycled fabric or 100 percent natural and renewable cork.

The company’s first offices were in Clemmons, N.C., a community outside Winston-Salem, where it quickly outgrew the 14,000-square-foot space. By 2006, the company moved to Winston-Salem with offices and warehouse space equaling 46,000 square feet. Steady growth continued, even through the recession, and in 2013 Beaufurn relocated to the local community of Advance, where it thrives in a manufacturing, warehouse and office facility encompassing 85,000 square feet.

Success Story: Thomas Bongaerts

Thomas Bongaerts moved from Belgium to the United States when he was just a child. His family had to learn a new language and adjust to a totally different culture as they settled into their new life in Connecticut. Just before he entered high school, Thomas and his family moved to the Triad. Thomas’ father, Bill Bongaerts, then founded Beaufurn. Beaufurn is a high-quality commercial furniture company, now located in Advance, NC.

“It was important to be in the Triad because it is the heart of American furniture manufacturing,” Thomas said. Originally, Bill was in the residential furniture business. When a warehouse fire destroyed all of Bill’s stateside inventory all that remained were his first two “commercial” projects which were literally on a boat coming from Western Europe. It was then that Bill decided to go into the contract commercial furniture business. This was truly the genesis of what Beaufurn is today. Continue Reading