Wood Veneer Table Tops

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WoodVeneer Table Tops

Hard Maple or Beech Wood Veneer Table Tops 1" Thick Self-Edge Many sizes and shapes available. A variety of wood finishes available. Oak or Mahogany Wood Veneer also available (upcharge). Our wood surface tops are offered in post conversion varnish finish. If you would like to receive technical data, please let us know. Maintenance Instructions - Wood Veneer ,birch top or Solid Wood Table Tops Our Solid Wood or Wood Veneer Table tops should be wiped with a cloth and use ONLY non-abrasive and NON-ACIDIC cleaning solution. Any stains or water rings should be wiped up immediately, as to protect the surface of the top from marring & discoloration. Acidic and abrasive solutions will damage the finish of the wood surface. Suggested cleaning includes mild soap and warm water / properly mixed sanitizing solution wtih warm water (improper concentration may damage table top finish).

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