Queue Flower

Constructed entirely of structural, commercial grade foam, and made in the U.S.A., the Queue modular seating system is the ultimate in flexibility. We have selected 29 of our most popular shapes from which you can create thousands of seating configurations. With the Queue modular seating system the only limitation is your imagination. Available in any of our graded fabrics or COM. Queue is perfect for lobbies, reception areas, libraries, universities and corporate spaces.

Queue Flower

  • Dimensions

    Requires 2.5 yds. center, 6.5 yds
    petals: total 9yds.

    D: 62"
    H: 15.25"

    D: 20"
    H: 17.5"

    D: 20.5
    H: 15.25" (per petal; 5 petals total)

  • Specifications

    USAGE: Indoor

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