Pronto 1900 Cast Iron Table Base

Pronto 1900 Cast Iron Table Base
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Pronto 1900 Cast Iron Table Base

This round cast-iron table base is ideal for food court, cinema and other indoor seating areas. It is a durable product for any commercial seating solution and fits well with shopping mall seating and cafe style furniture.

1912 (20 lbs.) will accommodate a 12" to 18" table tops.

1917 (23 lbs.) will accommodate a 24" to 30" table tops.

1922 (35 lbs.) will accommodate a 36" to 40" or 24" to 42" table tops.

1930 (57 lbs.) will accommodate a 48" to 60" table tops.

Maximum order 5 pieces (Bases) for expedient shipping.

*Top Sizes: These are recommended top sizes for metal, molded, teak, and wood. Please inquire for granite and marble. Recommended Base/Top Sizes are for reference only. It is the customer's responsibility to confirm suitability for specific applications.

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