Thank you for choosing our furniture for your establishment. We would like to do our best to ensure that our quality standards meet to your satisfaction. Please be advised of the following recommendations regarding maintenance and care of your furniture:

The furniture is made to withstand normal wear and tear under normal conditions. It is recommended that users make periodic inspections to look for damages or signs of structural fatigue incurred in daily handling and use. Loose screws should be tightened immediately and any chair that needs repair should be taken out of service immediately for repair or replacement

Chairs & Barstools: Only water, with or without soap, should be used for cleaning non-wooden chairs. Wooden chairs should be wiped with a cloth or cleaned with furniture polish.

French Bistro® Collection: If the French Bistro® chairs and table bases are used outdoors, we recommend that the frames be lightly sanded and re-varnished once a year with any commercial outdoor spray lacquer. Make sure you replace any missing glides immediately. During wintertime and in any inclement weather conditions, the chairs and tables should be covered and stored away.

South Coast Collection Finish: The collection is finished in a multi-step process utilizing water-based environmentally friendly exterior paint or stain by Sherwin Williams. Other features include mildew resistance and UV protective coatings that comply with air quality restrictions.

Cleaning Instructions: The furniture should be cleaned with a solution of warm water, mild detergent and Clorox or equivalent disinfectant. Detergents and disinfectants containing citric acid or strong alkaline solutions should not be used.

Maintenance: Due to the natural movement of wood, any bolts used in the assembly of the furniture should be checked for tightness from time to time. Do not over tighten the bolts if loose.

Varnished, Painted, or Powder Coated Metal Surfaces: Varnished, painted or powder coated metal surfaces must be cleaned ONLY with NON ABRASIVE and NON ACIDIC solutions. Only use mild soap, non bleach detergent or a general purpose cleaner such as Dawn soap. Polish and sealers are not recommended . We do not recommend the use of any cleaners with concentrated bleach, Citrus-type cleaner, abrasives, or anti bacterial formulas as they will damage the finish of the top and void any warranty.

Teak Table Tops & Chairs: Our teak products are shipped unfinished. Teak is a natural product and should be treated regularly with teak oil in order to preserve its original teak wood appearance and protect from cracks and splits. It is recommended to apply teak oil upon receiving the furniture and at least once a year thereafter . Varnish is also an option but teak oil is most commonly used. Otherwise teak ages gracefully outdoor to a grayish color. Teak and any outdoor furniture should be covered and stored away during the winter and inclement weather in order to preserve its inherent look and strength.

Werzalit Molded Table Tops: Our Werzalit molded tops are resistant to most chemicals and cleaning fluids and are easy to wipe clean. However, we recommend using a mild soap or detergent for cleaning. Do not use any abrasive cleaners or cloths.

Wood Veneer , Birch Tops or Solid Wood Table Tops:
Our Solid Wood or Wood Veneer Table tops should be wiped with a cloth and use ONLY non-abrasive and NON-ACIDIC cleaning solution. Any stains or water rings should be wiped up immediately, as to protect the surface of the top from marring & discoloration. Acidic and abrasive solutions will damage the finish of the wood surface. Suggested cleaning includes mild soap and warm water / properly mixed sanitizing solution wtih warm water (improper concentration may damage table top finish).
Maintenance Instructions - Laminate Table Tops

Marble Table Tops: Marble table tops are anti-stain treated prior to leaving the factory. However, marble is a porous material. Food or liquid stains may occur if they are not removed immediately after happening. We recommend that the marble table top be re-treated with anti-stain at least twice per year. This is a simple procedure, and there are many available products on the market that will protect the marble during usage.

Laminate Table Tops: Following are general guidelines for the cleaning of laminate table tops. However, there are extensive cleaning instructions that you can get from the website of the laminate manufacturer (Nevamar, Wilsonart, and Formica) that detail specific table top finishes and many kinds of possible stains.
Wipe tops using a clean, damp cloth or sponge with a mild soap, non-bleach detergent or a general purpose cleaner (Windex, Formula 409, PineSol, Dawn). Polishes and sealers are not recommended. Application of these products will cause a residue buildup. We do not recommend the use of any cleaners with bleach, abrasives, or anti-bacterial formulas that may damage the finish of the top. Do not flood the laminate top, especially near the seams, since water can penetrate and cause the substrate to swell. Wipe dry immediately after cleaning.

Aluminum / Stainless Steel: USING THE ALL WEATHER COLLECTION OUTDOORS: Due to the harsh climate (ocean, sand, weather, etc) that is experienced in some areas, we recommend the application of Duragloss Liquid Aluminum Polish # 881. The polish can be found at most hardware and auto part stores. The polish is formulated to clean and polish all types of metal surfaces. It removes oxidation, tarnish, rust and soil. It leaves a protective coating, which resists future oxidation. We recommend re-application of the polish at least once per year. Directions for application:

1. Apply metal polish using a 100% cotton cloth or pad
2. Allow to haze for 4-5 minutes
3. Remove haze with a clean 100% cotton cloth

For application on tarnished items, use a soft wire cloth and apply extra pressure as needed, then wipe off with the cotton cloth.

Leather Upholstery: WEEKLY - dust your leather items weekly to keep pores free from dust particles. Wipe with a soft cloth. Clean stains immediately with a damp cloth and mild detergent. It is a good idea to have a leather cleaner on hand.
QUARTERLY - you should use a high quality leather conditioner/preservative to protect the leather and keep it supple.

Cork Fabric: Clean with a damp cloth only. A small amount of soap can be used if necessary. DO NOT use chemicals or a steam cleaner of any kind.