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What is High Top Seating? And What Makes it Different?

Commercial barstools come in diverse styles to offer comfort and versatility. While it’s difficult to predict each customer’s preference in seating, designers can assume there are different inclinations between standard seating, booths, and high tops among the general public.  So what is high top seating and what makes it different? High top seating includes tables…

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New Designs in Commercial Barstools for Restaurants and Pubs

Is your restaurant or pub evolving with today’s consumers? While contemporary designs can evoke an initial attraction, you want commercial furniture that provides well beyond that first “invitation.”  Commercial barstools in diverse styles that offer comfort and versatility are in high demand and Beaufurn has them! Let’s look at some of the trendy bar stools…

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How to Design a Commercial Bar | Design Ideas from Beaufurn

Cities are coming back! Public venues are again starting to fill, and you can feel the energy surging. Restaurants and bar patrons can once again gather for familiar conversation or new encounters. Still, the pandemic will likely inform designer decisions. For example, “personal space” might be a bit different, and commercial bar furniture that’s easily…

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