Aiden Tables

Aiden Tables
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The aluminum bases have three or four spokes with adjustable feet, and the stems come in sections with three or four surfaces. Table tops are made of steel: the tables are thus painted in a solid color and easily customizable and adaptable. Available in round or square in indigo, grey, bordeaux, lime or mineral grey.
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Weight (lb) 22
Dimensions Round 23.5" D-19.5" Round 27.5" D-19.5" Round 23.5" D-29" Round 27.5" D-29" Round 23.5" D-39.5" Round 27.5" D-43.5" Square W-23.5" W-23.5" D-19.5" Square W-27.5" H-27.5" D-19.5" Square W-23.5" H-23.5" D-29" Square W-27.5" H-27.5" D-29" Square W-23.5" H-23.5" D-39.5" Square W-27.5" H-27.5' D-43.5"
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