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FB-219 French Bistro® Settee

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Expertly crafted by hand with steam bent frames made of Malacca or Manau cane for indoor/outdoor use or polished Rattan for indoor use only. Although suitable for outdoor use, we recommend using under covered areas only. All French Bistro® chairs stack (nest) for convenience.

Weave material is available in our standard heavy duty P8-HD NYLON or, for heavy use applications and very dry weather, or for use in close proximity to salt water from the ocean, please choose P11-RILSAN.
A longer lead-time is required for P11-RILSAN.

Both weave materials are suitable for outdoor use, are resistant to fungus and mold and are UV resistant and will not fade in sunlight.

Additional Information

Name FB-219 French Bistro® Settee
Dimensions W-39"
H - 35"
Length N/A
Width N/A
Height N/A
Industry Café, Restaurant, Bistro
Usage Indoor/Outdoor
Chair Types No
Chair Frame Material Malacca, Manau, Rattan
Purposes Dining, Hospitality, Patio/Outdoor

Availability: In stock

Select Frame Material (click thumbnail for larger image)

Select a weave pattern to view it larger (click on thumbnail)

Select Weave Pattern (click pattern to select)

  • (A) Stripes
  • (B) Grand Damier
  • (C) Basket
  • (D) Ripple
  • (E) Petits Damier
  • (F) Victoria
  • (G) Zig Zag
  • (H) Petits Points
  • (I) Paris
  • (J) Chaines Paralleles - 5% upcharge
  • (K) Damier Bandes Verticales
  • (L) Chevron
  • (M) Damier 4x4
  • (N) Lignes Parallels
  • (O) Margaux
  • (P) Petits Lignes
  • (Q) Petits Points Bande Centrale
  • (R) Chaine
  • (S) Petits Lignes Chevron
  • (T) Margaux A Bandeaux
  • (U) Prince De Galle
  • (V) Sauvignon A Bandeau
  • (W) Sauvignon
  • (X) Petits Points Bande Laterale
  • (Y) Petits Points Bandes Verticales
  • (Z) Seine A Bandeau
  • (AA) Seine Bandes Centrales
  • (BB) Seine Bandes Verticales
  • (CC) Gros Points
  • (DD) Accord
  • (EE) Hachure

Select Weave Material - You can NOT mix Rilsan with Nylon, you must choose one or the other.

If choosing NYLON, select your weave background color here

  • Nylon 01 Black
  • Nylon 02 White
  • Nylon 03 Ivory
  • Nylon 04 Beige
  • Nylon 05 Brown
  • Nylon 06 Red
  • Nylon 07 Bordeaux
  • Nylon 08 Gray
  • Nylon 09 Yellow
  • Nylon 10 Emerald Green
  • Nylon 11 Sea Blue
  • Nylon 12 Pink
  • Nylon 13 Gold
  • Nylon 14 Dark Blue
  • Nylon 15 Azur
  • Nylon 16 Dark Green
  • Nylon 17 Ochre
  • Nylon 18 Orange

If choosing NYLON, select your weave accent color here (click thumbnail for larger image)

If choosing NYLON, select your leg wrap color here (click thumbnail for larger image)

If choosing RILSAN, select your weave background color here

  • Rilsan 01 White
  • Rilsan 02 Ivory
  • Rilsan 03 Cream
  • Rilsan 04 Yellow
  • Rilsan 05 Orange
  • Rilsan 06 Pink
  • Rilsan 07 Red
  • Rilsan 08 Carmine
  • Rilsan 09 Auburn
  • Rilsan 10 Navy Blue
  • Rilsan 11 Gitane Blue
  • Rilsan 12 Sky Blue
  • Rilsan 13 Lagoon Blue
  • Rilsan 14 Water Green
  • Rilsan 15 Jade Green
  • Rilsan 16 Pine Green
  • Rilsan 17 Grey
  • Rilsan 18 Mastic
  • Rilsan 19 Havane
  • Rilsan 20 Brown
  • Rilsan 21 Dark Brown
  • Rilsan 22 Black
  • Rilsan 23 Gold
  • Rilsan 24 Silver
  • Rilsan 25 Black Double

If choosing RILSAN, select weave accent color here (click thumbnail for larger image) *YOU CAN NOT MIX RILSAN WITH HD NYLON*

If choosing RILSAN, select leg wrap color here (click thumbnail for larger image) *YOU CAN NOT MIX RILSAN WITH HD NYLON*

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